Chr. Hansen Adds a New Member to its World-Class Probiotics Family

Chr. Hansen signs an exclusive agreement with biotech company Probiomics Ltd., securing the rights to market the patented probiotic strain Lactobacillus fermentum PCC® which has documented benefits to immune health.

A perfect match
“Signing the agreement is the result of more than two years of negotiations between Chr. Hansen and Probiomics - and the beginning of a fantastic partnership. We cannot wait to introduce the PCC® strain to Chr Hansen’s probiotic customers,” states Chr. Hansen’s Sune Schmoelker, Director, Commercial Development, Human Health.

CFO at Probiomics Ltd., Ashok Jairath concurs: “Chr. Hansen being the global market leader within probiotics, this is the perfect partner for us to distribute L. fermentum PCC®.”

Documented immune benefits
PCC® which is owned by the progressive biotech company Probiomics Ltd. in Australia is a very promising strain within immune health. Several clinical studies in various indication areas have been conducted and PCC® has shown to be effective in relation to atopic dermatitis, as an adjuvant to flu vaccine, and in supporting the immune response in athletes.

New convincing human study
Just a few months ago the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) and Chr. Hansen finalized a larger immune study in a group of 99 sports athletes.

The double-blinded, placebo-controlled study documented that PCC® was effective in reducing the severity and illness load of chest infection and medication use associated with respiratory tract infections (colds and flus) in males. Furthermore, the researchers found that consuming PCC® moderated the negative effects of exercise stress on the immune system. The study is expected to be published in 2010.

It was the second study in athletes clearly supportive of PCC® in relation to immune health.

Tipping the scale
“The studies conducted in athletes are very promising. The latest study (mentioned above) definitively confirms the efficacy of PCC® and I think it is fair to say that this scientific confirmation is what tipped the scale and settled the agreement,” concludes Sune Schmoelker, Chr. Hansen.

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