Clinical Trial: DSM's Fabuless® Activates Natural Appetite Control Mechanism

With many consumers looking to proactively maintain a healthy weight, the results of a recent study with DSM’s Fabuless will come as welcome news to manufacturers eager to meet the demand for effective weight management products. This latest research now confirms the mechanism of Fabuless’ mode of action and adds to the growing body of evidence supporting the product’s clinically proven efficacy. It also further demonstrates DSM’s continued commitment to developing products supported by science to help satisfy the demands of health conscious consumers.

The controlled, double-blind, cross-over-designed study investigated the effects of Fabuless on a group of men aged 20-59, with healthy body mass index (BMI). (1) Fabuless was shown to prolong food passage time from mouth to large intestine by 45 minutes, a statistically significant increase, demonstrating its potential to stimulate natural appetite control mechanisms.

“We are very pleased that the study confirms the efficacy of Fabuless in harnessing the body’s natural appetite control mechanisms,” comments Philip Rijken, Global Head of Nutritional Science at DSM. “For the first time this underlying mechanistic function of Fabuless is confirmed clinically. This also provides a better understanding of earlier observations on appetite control and weight management parameters.”

“Moreover, this beneficial effect observed is in line with daily weight management needs. Based on data from the US National NHANES survey, it can be estimated that by reducing daily food intake by as little as 100 calories – less than 5% of the recommended daily calorie intake – weight gain in most of the population could be prevented. Fabuless enables consumers to manage calories in a natural way, that is compatible with modern lifestyle. We look forward to having more positive studies published in the coming year, which will further strengthen the body of science behind Fabuless.”

DSM’s patent-protected emulsion, Fabuless, combines oat and palm oils, both naturally occurring dietary lipids. Fabuless promotes ‘appetite satisfied’ signalling to the brain, which can enhance satiety and reduce hunger pangs. This may help to delay and overcome food cravings. Additional benefits of Fabuless include reduced body fat mass and waist circumference, as well as reduction of weight regain after dieting.
The emulsion can be consumed on its own or as the key ingredient in a variety of applications including milk, yoghurt, meal replacement drinks and dietary supplements.

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(1) Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology (2009) Volume 44, Issue 10, pages 1186 – 1190, Effect of fat emulsion (Fabuless) on orocecal transit time in healthy men. A. Haenni, B. Sundberg, N. Yazdanpandah, A. Viberg, J. Olsson.

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