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Hi-maize's benefits add up
Hi-maize, National Starch's fermented natural resistant starch derived from corn, is an important mechanism in weight management, with more impact on cellular metabolism and fat deposition than the other mechanisms of dietary fibre. This adds to energy dilution and bulking as fibre's dominant mechanisms.
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Cinnulin PF may ease metabolic syndrome
A daily dose of Cinnulin PF, a cinnamon extract from Integrity Nutraceuticals, may boost antioxidant defences and reduce oxidative stress connected to metabolic syndrome — the precursor condition to diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
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New lignan found
The dominant lignan in wheat, triticale, barley, corn, amaranth, millet and oat bran is 7-hydromatairesinol, according to research from HMRlignan, supplied by Linnea. Flax has its competition now.
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Cranberries for UTIs
PACran whole cranberry powder standardised to cranberry proanthocyanidins, from Decas Botanical Synergies, reduces the presence of E. coli and can be used to prevent urinary tract infections.
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