Dr. Dennis Godby runs across America for naturopathic medicine

Dr. Dennis Godby runs across America for naturopathic medicine

Dr. Dennis GodbyEvery day I see patients suffering from a wide variety of medical conditions.  Some that are life-threatening, such as diabetes and high blood pressure, and others, while not immediately life-threatening, such as anxiety, mood swings, headaches, and hormonal and neurotransmitter imbalances; are certainly joy-threatening. Tens of millions of Americans are living below their health and vitality potential, unaware that there are a plethora of answers to their diminishing quality of life that can help them to flourish and live their lives with energy and passion.

Very often, after just one or two appointments with naturopathic doctors, patients return feeling wonderful, with a new outlook on their life and health.  Often, however, patients also feel incredibly frustrated that it took so long – usually years – to get to the root cause of their illness.

It is quite frustrating and sad for me knowing that so many people are suffering, unnecessarily, simply because they do not know that options such as naturopathic medicine exist to help them heal. Naturopathic Doctors, are ready and able to guide patients on their journey back to health.  The American people simply don’t know NDs exist – that has to change!

As long as I have a heart, conscience, voice and a body, I must speak to the American people about what I have seen, witnessed and heard from my patients.  I ask you to join me in this potentially historic effort.

On September , ending in New York City, my two sons, Isaiah and Jeremiah Godby, and my nephew, Jonas Ely, and I completed a 3,258 mile run across the USA to tell Americans the story of naturopathic medicine – providing the opportunities for millions of Americans to hear true stories from patients of their healing through naturopathic medicine – like the story has never been told before!

Join Dr. Dennis Godby at NPA Marketplace to hear the story of his Run across America, gaining insights into what retailers can do to support Natural Health and Wellness Education. Friday, June 15th from 1-2:00pm. Dr. Godby has recently been honored with the title of Naturopathic Doctor of the Year in California.


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