Fusion Bodybuilding Partners with Fit Foods, Ltd. to Send Their Supplements Worldwide

FUSION BODYBUILDING (www.FusionBodybuilding.com) and FIT FOODS, Ltd. (www.FitFoods.ca) are very happy to announce a distribution and licensing agreement that will introduce the FUSION line of bodybuilding supplements to over 55 additional countries. The growth in demand for the complete line of FUSION BODYBUILDING products has been unprecedented. Bodybuilders have always demanded products that work, and they have found those products in FUSION supplements. That has created a very loyal and rapidly growing group of customers, and not just within North America. FIT FOODS Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of health and sport supplements, specializing in export markets. The synergy of FUSION’s products combined with FIT FOODS’ export prowess sets the stage for impressive results for both businesses.

Ryan Herniman, co-president of FUSION, knows the new relationship with FIT FOODS will ensure even more happy customers. “Almost every day we receive emails from bodybuilders in countries we didn’t have representation in. They want our products, but we had no way of getting to them until now. Aligning ourselves with the distribution might of FIT FOODS has really allowed us to bring FUSION products to bodybuilders around the world.”

FIT FOODS was founded in 1996 by Jim McMahon. It has since grown to become one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of health and sport supplements with such brands as Whey Gourmet® and North Coast Naturals™ among others. FIT FOODS’ vast international distribution network and other strengths will greatly complement FUSION with their ever-growing loyal customer base and their line of innovative and dependable bodybuilding supplements. Jim McMahon speaks of the FUSION/FIT FOODS partnership: “As one of the larger distributors in the industry, we know good products and good people when we see them. FUSION’s products and their passion are second to none. FIT FOODS is proud to be a key part of their continued success as the FUSION brand is now poised to capture even greater numbers of users in many countries around the world. We see this avalanche-like growth of FUSION as an opportunity to align the distribution power of FIT FOODS with another key component in the next generation of bodybuilding supplements. The strides FUSION has made in the past two years have garnered the attention of the big players in the industry, and we’re very happy to be partners with them.”

Founded in 1998 by Ryan Herniman and Adrian Burke, FUSION BODYBUILDING is a top nutraceutical company that is dedicated to providing bodybuilding’s strongest supplements to the sport’s elite. All of FUSION’s products start in the gym and are perfected in the lab by its innovative research and development team. FUSION products are sold worldwide.

FIT FOODS is a Health Canada NHP Site Licensed GMP manufacturer.

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