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Got joint pain? Help your customers get relief

Got joint pain? Help your customers get relief

For the one in three Americans who experience joint pain, these tips and resources can lend relief. 

While your customers may not think much about their joints unless they are experiencing serious pain, educating on joint health now is critical to supporting comfort and mobility down the road. And if they are in pain, which research shows is unfortunately the case for one out of three Americans, there's still hope for finding relief. 

Easy ways to educate customers on joint health. 

  1. Download this free guide from Delicious Living magazine and BioCell Collagen for easy, effective, research-backed ways to reduce joint discomfort. 
  2. Share the link with your staff and customers:
  3. Build out end caps with support-your-joints meal plans, including recipes using whole grains, fruits and veggies and fatty fish (see recommenations on page 6 of the guide). 
  4. Educate on the benefts of joint-health supplements, including collagen. 
  5. Promote a joint-healthy lifestyle that includes stress management, exercise and acupuncture. 
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