Health Wright Products celebrates completion of next phase of “Encapsulating Excellence” campaign

Health Wright Products (HWP), furthering its commitment as a superior contract manufacturer to the nutritional supplement industry, is pleased to announce the completion of the second and largest phase of its “Encapsulating Excellence” Campaign and to celebrate, owners Mark and Lisa Wright provided a $20,000 donation to RCUMC, a non profit organization dedicated to positive impact on the local community in Vancouver, Washington.

The company wide campaign its “Encapsulating Excellence” focuses on all aspects of the organization as it continues to strive to become one of the best and brightest contract manufacturing facilities in the United States. HWP has, over the past several years, routinely experienced double digit annual growth.

RCUMC has been selected because of notable past efforts. Lisa Wright, co-owner, commented “First and foremost, HWP is a family company made of great people. With that in mind we believe it is imperative to celebrate and share our success with those less fortunate”. Health Wright Products remains active in other charitable endeavors including a program which assists local residents pursuing United States citizenship. Additionally, HWP sponsors a perennial potential championship local youth baseball team.

Mark Wright summarized the “Encapsulating Excellence” campaign as the company focus which has enabled Health Wright Products to become a premier contract manufacturer to some of the industry’s highest profile customers. Following the completion and relocation to its new 120,350 sq, ft facility last August, HWP has committed itself to continually updating its equipment to the highest standard state of the art available. The latest acquisitions include a 3-D imaging station. In total, the latest improvements have increased the manufacturing speed 4X while simultaneously increasing quality control and reliability.

In 2004, Health Wright Products underscored its commitment to quality by attaining the NSF GMP Registration in the dietary supplement industry. NSF has conducted a complete independent audit of HWP’s Standard Operating Procedures in all facets of production and found the company’s level of excellence to be worthy of this endorsement. “With the recent release of the long awaited GMPs, our customers are now fully appreciating the efforts we have made in anticipation of these new regulations. What has always been important to HWP is now even more important to our customers” stated Director of Operations, Steve Bohn.

About Health Wright Products:
Established in 1995, Health Wright Products is a contract manufacturer of nutritional supplements, located in Clackamas, OR, which maintains honesty, quality and reliability as its first and foremost products. The company has achieved increasing success by supplying a superior overall business experience as a contract manufacturer supplying quality custom blending, powders and capsules to the nutritional industry. Co-Owner and Founder Mark Wright attributes the continued success of the organization to its “foundation as a family owned company and the subsequent high priority to quality of life for all HWP employees and their families”.

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