Lightning round: categories and ingredients to pursue in the weight sector

Thinking of launching a new product in the perennially popular weight-management sector? Or even just sprucing up an old brand? There's more than one way to address consumer concerns.

One idea might be to use different ingredients that target different mechanisms of action so that you get a more full-spectrum finished product.

Another idea could be to go big in one direction. To that end, satiety is one aspect that is gaining increasing cache.

With these thoughts in mind, here are some ideas to chew on.

Categories to pursue in weight sector

  • Appetite suppressants and satiety
  • fat burners
  • fat blockers
  • carb blockers
  • metabolism regulators
  • mood regulators

Within the satiety category:

  • protein (whey, casein, soy),
  • fibers (nopal, beta-glucan, inulin and FOS, other fibers),
  • branded ingredients (Citrimax, Fabuless, LuraLean, Slendesta, Satiatrim, others),
  • botanicals (ashwaganda, yerba mate, hoodia, Caralluma fimbriata),
  • oil-derived ingredients.

Source: Frost & Sullivan / Tom Aarts/ Nutrition Business Journal

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