New Data on Probiotic BLIS K12 Effectiveness in Supporting Respiratory Health and Stimulating Immune System

Frutarom USA Inc. is able to present new data on the effectiveness of their new oral cavity probiotic, BLIS K12 from BLIS Technologies Ltd in New Zealand. Frutarom has exclusive distribution rights to this product.

Frutarom completed a marketing and supply agreement with BLIS Technologies Ltd, which was announced last month at SupplySide West. Frutarom is now able to present new independent scientific data from Germany and Canada which points to why this probiotic organism, BLIS K12, seems to be so effective in protecting the oral cavity.

BLIS K12 is the world’s only probiotic specifically designed to protect the entire oral cavity which includes the throat, mouth, gums and teeth. Under specific conditions, it has even been shown to protect the nasal sinus from infection. BLIS K12 is known as an advanced probiotic, because unlike other probiotic organisms, it will produce antibacterial peptides (called BLIS) when it is under threat from a potential disease-causing bacteria. Studies on the potency of the antibacterial effect of the advanced probiotic organism demonstrates that it is hundreds of times more effective than even most traditional antiseptic throat lozenges if used as an oral antiseptic.

Jocelyn Mathern, (M.S., R.D.), Technical Health Manager for Frutarom, reported that a research group from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, recently published a paper on the unique properties of the organism BLIS K12, in the scientific journal from the American Society of Microbiology, called “Infection and Immunity”. The research paper went beyond examining the classic probiotic activity of certain bacteria to determine if the BLIS K12 probiotic conferred any additional benefit, simply by colonizing in the oral cavity.

“What’s exciting about this research is that it showed that BLIS K12 exhibited a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect and this was directly related to its interaction and colonization with its host (i.e. the person taking it). This demonstrates that the human body actually responds in positive and beneficial ways, in the presence of BLIS K12, unlike many of the other bacteria that can be found within the human body.” Mathern said. “Additionally the study also suggested that the BLIS K12 could switch on the genes in the epithelial tissue that are responsible for cellular rebuilding and repair, especially after a cell has been damaged by a pathogen.”

The research group that investigated BLIS K12 took several months to complete their work and involved researchers from the University of British Columbia (Canada), University of Leeds (UK), Inimex Pharmaceuticals (Canada), and the University of Otago (New Zealand). They now confirm that the beneficial effects of the probiotic BLIS K12 goes beyond the unique ability to produce its well-known, anti-bacterial peptides (called BLIS), which are clinically demonstrated to kill bacteria implicated in upper airways infection, chronic bad breath and bacterial infections of the oral cavity. “We know that BLIS K12 has protective benefits against sore throats and upper respiratory infections, but this research suggests that if you are already sick, BLIS K12 can stimulate an immune response to help a person recover faster,” stated Mathern.

Just prior to this publication from the group at the University of British Columbia, another important study appeared in the European Journal of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases. In this earlier study it was suggested that the advanced probiotic, BLIS K12, could exert a long term protective effect upon the upper respiratory tract (ear, nose and throat) if the subjects sucked on a series of BLIS K12 lozenges immediately after a course of antibiotics. The study suggested that BLIS K12 had the potential for unique application of protection against ear infections in children.

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