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Natural Vitality
Non-GMO Project expands into lifestyle with non-GMO cookbook

Non-GMO Project expands into lifestyle with non-GMO cookbook

Known as a third-party certifier and advocacy group, the Non-GMO Project strives to bring its ideals into consumers' everyday life with its non-GMO cookbook. Here's why Natural Vitality Living gives it a rave review.

It makes sense that individuals concerned about GMOs in their food supply would also give priority to healthy eating; hence the Non-GMO Project’s new book The Non-GMO Cookbook: Recipes and Advice for a Non-GMO Lifestyle (Skyhorse Publishing, 2013). This small book packs a surprising number of recipes that cover the gamut of today’s dietary concerns from gluten-free to raw, all with an eye to keeping ingredients GMO-free and flavor at the forefront.

The light and inspirational tone of The Non-GMO Cookbook leaves the reader feeling excited to get cooking instead of weighed down with GMO issues. The front of the book’s “About GMOs” section covers the basics—what GMOs are, tricks for spotting them in the marketplace and steps for advocacy. A few pages later and you are into “Breakfasts and Beverages.”

Edited by Megan Westgate and Courtney Pineau of the Non-GMO Project, the recipes come from a variety of allies and friends of the non-GMO community. Contributors include food bloggers like Sonnet Lauberth of In Sonnet’s Kitchen and Karielyn Tillman of The Healthy Family and Home; food lovers from responsible companies such as Eden Foods and Wholesome Sweeteners; and yours truly, Natural Vitality, even has a recipe in there. The eclectic mix of contributors makes for a fun stew of recipes from über-healthy Kale Chips to the more decadent Sweet and Salty Brownies.

Among the recipes you’ll find tips for a non-GMO lifestyle. You’ll learn to grow a GMO-free garden and how to avoid GMOs in meat. The back of the book features a handy section on cooking with non-GMO ingredients; this chart lists high-GMO-risk ingredients, with non-GMO substitutions. And the recipes come alive with 75 gorgeous color photos.

The Non-GMO Cookbook is a welcome surprise that you want to pull from the shelf and dive into. Instead of feeling worried about GMOs, you’ll find yourself inspired to cook healthy, beautiful food. Click here for two recipes from the new book.

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