Nutracon "Slim Slam II" Wednesday, March 10 at 2 pm featuring PLT's Vladimir Badmaev, MD, PhD

Introducing Xanthigen – a new class of weight management supplement that supports body fat reduction, weight loss and promotes liver health.

Xanthigen is a novel, patent-pending, synergistic composition of brown sea weed extract standardized for fucoxanthin and pomegranate seed oil standardized for punicic acid. Xanthigen helps the liver to shed stored fats, improving metabolic function and energy expenditure. And Xanthigen supports healthy body fat reduction.

The liver acts as a filter in the body and once it is "clogged" with fat, it cannot function properly – a condition clearly linked with fat accumulation in other body organs and tissues. A recent clinical study with Xanthigen strongly suggests that "unclogging" the liver may play an essential role in the fight against excess body fat. Promoting liver fat and body fat reduction results in a healthier body over all. The new road to body weight management: healthy liver, healthy weight, healthy body.

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