Join Our Plant Protein Twitter Chat!

Join Our Plant Protein Twitter Chat!

The market for protein powders is hot. Consumer demand for products offering the nutritional benefits of added protein continues to grow – according to Nutrition Business Journal nearly half of all US consumers turn to these products weekly. A new era of plant-based proteins are emerging; join us for the #PlantProteinChat Twitter chat where we will explore this dynamic trend.  

The market for protein powders is hot! Our Twitter chat will address top questions about Plant Based Proteins and dive into why the category is trending big in today's market.  Download the FREE AIDP Gabiotein Plant-Protein Infosheet!

Join us as we explore plant based proteins – in your body, in your products. Rice protein and more, with our sponsor AIDP and Functional Ingredients editor @ToddRunestad in our #PlantProteinChat.

Date: February 13, 2014 

Time: 11 a.m. PT/2 p.m. ET.  Add the Twitterchat to your calendar!


We'll chat about: 

  • Why choose plant based proteins?
  • Digestibility
  • What differentiates the various types of plant proteins and when to select each one
  • Metabolism (plant protein vs. animal protein)
  • Are they effective for muscle building?
  • How is the market trending? Is there growth?
  • Rice protein and what differentiates the various types
  • Protein quality, non-GMO concerns and allergens

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2. Log into our Twitter Chat Room. Or you can choose to follow the hashtag #PlantProteinChat on your mobile phone or Twitter app.

3. Once in our Twitter Chat Room, type your comments (less than 140 characters) and hit Update. The #plantproteinchat hashtag will already be included, so no need to type it!

4. Hit the Reply arrow to reply to someone and the Forward arrow to retweet what someone else has said.

5. New tweets will appear at the top of the chat. Keep in mind that questions and comments you tweet may not be answered right away. Allow time for all participants to respond and for tweets to appear in the chat.

Questions? Tweet us @Engredea and use hashtag #plantproteinchat.


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