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Natural Foods Merchandiser

Snore no more

They're exasperated. They're tired. They're frustrated. They are snoring victims. But you can help. Your customers might not realize it, but there is a host of natural options to help.

According to the Mayo Clinic, snoring can have four causes: anatomy, alcohol, nasal problems and sleep apnea. Anatomical issues can include a deviated septum, large tonsils, adenoids—lymphatic tissue at the back of the nose—or even your uvula, the soft tissue that hangs down over the back of the tongue. Being overweight can also cause snoring. Over-indulgence of alcohol can cause throat muscles to relax and dull the natural responses to airway obstruction. Congestion and allergies likely produce inflamed mucous membranes and are nasal problems that can contribute to snoring. Sleep apnea is a serious disorder characterized by complete or near-complete airway blockage.

Beverly Yates, N.D., director of the Naturopathic Family Health Clinic in Mill Valley, Calif., adds exhaustion as a possible source of nightly sonic disturbance. For these snorers, she has a simple solution: "You're just not getting enough sleep." Likewise, "If your snoring is caused by alcohol, cut down," she advises. Physical aids, such as nasal strips, and surgery can offer relief for some. Here are some of Yates' favorite supplements for snoring.




What it is

What it does


Apis mellifica


"Apis is a great helper for a red, angry, inflamed sort of response, especially for repeated occurrences."


Arnica montana


"It's great for inflammation in general. Do you overuse the voice, talk a lot, smoke or fly a lot? Try some arnica."

Allergy and decongestion

Pulsatilla nigricans


"Pulsatilla is particularly for indoor allergy sufferers, those whose allergies paradoxically get better outside."


Bromelain and papain


Take these supplements between meals to support decongestion. Both help in regulating histamine release.

Apnea and exhaustion

Panax ginseng


"Ginseng can be very helpful for adrenal function support and producing energy. Both are helpful for apnea and exhaustion."

Sinus clearing and respiratory support

Eucalyptol, also called cineole

Essential Oil

The major component of eucalyptus essential oil "can help with promoting sinus clearing and easier breathing. It's a strong anti-inflammatory."

General duty

Hesperidin Quercetin Nettle leaf

Flavonoid, Flavonoid Herb

Hesperidin and quercetin, two dietary flavonoids, and nettle leaf reduce inflammation. Hesperidin also reduces congestion. Nettle leaf and quercetin are especially good at reducing allergy-based histamine production. "All three work well [at reducing nasal problems], as well as being friendly to other medications."

Source: Beverly Yates, N.D.

Natural Foods Merchandiser volume XXIX/number 12/p. 22

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