Top 5 supplements for menopause-symptom relief

Top 5 supplements for menopause-symptom relief

Try these natural options for relief of menopause symptoms.

1. Black cohosh: A 2010 meta-analysis found that in six out of nine trials, products containing black cohosh worked better than a placebo to relieve hot flashes.
Dose: 20 mg of extract standardized (to 1 mg of total saponins per dose) twice daily

2. Chasteberry (vitex): One 2007 study of 50 women ages 44 to 65 found those who took a product containing vitex saw a 69 percent decrease in night sweats.
Dose: 20–120 mg daily

3. Maca: Shown in some small studies to enhance sex drive and boost memory.
Dose: 300 mg daily
4. Pueraria mirifica (PM): An Asian herb used for centuries to combat vaginal dryness, insomnia, and hot flashes.

Dose: 50–80 mg daily of a standardized extract with miroestrol
5. Soy: Believed to behave like estrogen in the body and shown in numerous studies to lessen hot flashes, improve sexual health, and curb bone loss.

Dose: 30–90 grams powdered soy isoflavone extract daily. To be safe, stick to 20 grams daily if you have a history of breast cancer.
Sources: Hyla Cass, MD; Christiane Northrup, MD.

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