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Guide to Natural Cleaning Ingredients

Guide to Natural Cleaning Ingredients

Product Natural Ingredients To Look For What They Do Dishwashing liquid Vegetable-based surfactants, such as coconut oil and corn oil Renewable resources that don't irritate skin. Attract dirt and water to keep them from resettling on dishes. Scouring powder Sodium bicarbonate, feldspar Fancy names for baking soda and ground-up stone. Both are abrasive enough to remove caked-on dirt or grease. Glass and surface cleaner Acetic acid, lemon oil, orange oil Acetic acid is strong white vinegar, which helps break down dirt. Lemon and orange oils cut through grease because they contain d-limonene, a natural solvent. Oven cleaner Baking soda, salt, liquid soap Baking soda and salt scour. Soap loosens dirt. Tub and tile cleaner Sodium bicarbonate, sodium citrate, glycolic acid These sugar derivatives from plants break down dirt. Toilet cleaner Sodium citrate, vegetable-based surfactants A chelating ingredient that acts as a water softener by binding to heavy metals and rinsing them away. Laundry detergent Vegetable-based surfactants, zeolites Surfactants loosen dirt. Zeolites soften water and deodorize. Bleach Hydrogen peroxide, borax, sodium percarbonate Whiteners. Fabric softener Canola, soy or other vegetable-based oil Soften fibers. General purpose cleaner Vegetable-based surfactants, orange peel extract, grapefruit seed Orange peel cleans and deodorizes. Grapefruit seed controls mildew. Furniture polish Olive oil, lemon oil Seal wood and provide shine.

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