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Hemp Your Body

If you've never tried hemp body-care products, here are a few quality products your skin, lips and hair are bound to love. Hemp does exude a very strong earthy fragrance, so if you're turned off initially by the smell, check out some of the options with added botanicals.

Azida Hemp Oil Lip Balm
Ease dry, cracked lips with this soothing mixture of hemp oil, natural plant waxes, and flavors. Varieties include natural, passion fruit, mango and strawberry. All provide sun protection with SPF 15.

Azida Hemp Oil Rosemary Lavender Shampoo
This scented shampoo cleans your hair while nourishing your scalp and is recommended for all hair types.

Azida Hemp Oil Rosemary Mint Conditioner
Apply this creamy rinse after using Azida's hemp shampoo to help your hair retain the moisture it needs.

Dr. Bronner's Magic Hemp Soap
If you prefer a bar of soap, try this 100 percent pure castile (vegetable-oil based) brand. Available in peppermint, almond, lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree, lemon and rose.

Natural Crystal Hemp Oil Roll-On Deodorant
This blend of natural mineral salts, essential oils and aloe vera will keep you smelling fresh. All types are aluminum chlorohydrate-free. Scents include lavender and spice; an unscented option is also available.

Nature's Gate Hemp Lotion Skin Therapy
Ideal for body and hands, this quick-drying lotion is silky smooth. Its light fragrance is perfect for those who may be scent-sensitive.

Sun Dog Hemp Oil Liquid Soap
Keep a bottle by every sink in the house to keep your hands clean, soft and smelling great. The floral variety is scented with rose geranium, bergamot, ylang ylang and coriander. Other options include Super Clean (tea tree, peppermint and lemon oils), Naked (no scent added) and Patchouli.

Sun Dog Hemp Oil Orange Lavender Body Creme
If you prefer a scented lotion, try this fragrant cream. It's light and quick to dry, so keep it handy to use all day long.

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