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Delicious Living

Real-life escapes

Delicious Living staff members share their favorite spaces

In the early morning I like to retreat to the new deck my husband and I just built onto our home. I make a cup of hot tea and head outdoors—still in my pajamas but with a warm coat on—and sit and watch the sun come up over the red rocks by our house.”

—Jena Hofstedt, senior editor

“I escape into my big bathtub at least once a week. Eucalyptus crystals or lavender oil put my mind at ease. The only lighting I use is a few candles, and then I sit back and lean my head into a cushy tub pillow in total silence. It is my big treat to myself after a long day.”

—Julie Kruse, designer

“My place for escape is the outdoors. Last night, after a busy and long day, I came home after dark and the night was just magical—the air had that clean, crisp quality of night, and everywhere was quiet, oh so quiet, like everyone was sleeping and I was alone and free. I grabbed my dog and went to the nearest dirt trail and ran in the moonlight.”

—Vicki Hopewell, art director

“I have a plug-in essential oil diffuser in my office. When I need to de-stress after a taxing meeting, I drop lavender oil onto the diffuser’s swatch. In minutes, my body begins to unwind. If I need to perk up and energize my brain late in the day, I use a blend of lemon, peppermint, rosemary, and orange.”

—Pamela Emanoil, managing editor

“My husband and I painted our bedroom sage green to make the space restful and rejuvenating. Lots of people prefer huge master bedrooms, but for me, I like a smaller space; it feels cozier, more like a private haven. Because the windows don’t face anything beautiful, we added a “natural” view to the room by hanging a painting of autumn-colored aspen trees in slanting light. It hangs on the wall opposite the bed and it’s the first thing I see every morning.”

—Elisa Bosley, senior food editor

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