The future of DSHEA looks bright

The future of DSHEA looks bright

Editor's note: On the 20th anniversary of the Dietary Supplements Health and Education Act, New Hope Natural Media asked several experts to weigh in on the current regulatory atmosphere in the supplements category. Here, FoodState CEO Robert Craven analyzes the benefits of DSHEA and what we can expect of supplement regulation in the decades to come. 

We believe both industry and the consumer won from DSHEA. Consumer trust is the single largest asset our industry has, and DSHEA continues to raise the bar, which builds more trust. We believe the industry still has some work to do to educate consumers that we are regulated, but by and large, DSHEA has been good for our industry.

We believe that consolidation at all levels will continue producing larger companies that will become more adept at living within the regulations—483s and warning letters will drop in number significantly and the industry will grow more credible each year. There will be a significant increase in consumer pressure regarding transparency at all levels of the supply chain. Companies will have to work harder and faster to address the consumer on this issue, especially given that social media provides such a platform for any small issue to quickly spread far and wide.

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