The next big player in supplements

The next big player in supplements

Editor's note: On the 20th anniversary of the Dietary Supplements Health and Education Act, New Hope Natural Media asked several experts to weigh in on the current regulatory atmosphere in the supplements space. Here, Alkemist Labs' Elan Sudberg shares his prediction for the future of the category. 

I’m confident genetic-based personalized medicine will be a massive part of the industry over the next 20 years. Quality will still be a critical success factor, hopefully made simpler and less expensive by new technologies. I don’t know what to expect from the regulatory side. Since FDA seems to respond to hysteria so quickly, it’s hard to tell what a handful of future, serious adverse events or recalls might produce. Maybe clinical studies will decrease in cost and allow our industry to make new claims. I hope there are some new botanicals discovered, and their properties put to use.

Will botanicals make a difference?
Will clinical studies change industry clout?

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