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5 new ingredients: curcumin, green tea, lion's mane, TrimElite, Cran-Max

Five new ingredient launches from the February 2011 issue of Functional Ingredients: Longvida curcumin; green tea extract; lion's mane mushroom extract; TrimElite; Cran-Max.

CurcuminOptimized curcumin ingredient
Longvida Optimized Curcumin is a new ingredient launched by Verdure Sciences, developed by a group of neuroscientists at the University of California, Los Angeles. Patent-pending Longvida is the result of years of research on hundreds of different formulas. Uniquely shown to address the top three pathways affecting age-related brain health, Longvida is currently the subject of widespread clinical research trials and funding from the National Institutes of Health. In published, peer-reviewed human research, Longvida was shown to absorb into human plasma in amounts 65 times greater than non-optimized curcumin. The ingredient is manufactured under GMP standards in an NSF International- and ISO-certified facility.

Teavigo Green Tea ExtractGreen tea extract with 90% EGCG
Teavigo Green Tea Extract is a natural ingredient extracted through a proprietary process that concentrates the benefits of fresh green tea leaves. This process ensures that Teavigo is potent and pure, with a minimum of 90 percent EGCG to maximize healthful benefits. Teavigo is caffeine-free, and also free of any herbicide or pesticide residue. DSM Nutritional Products developed Teavigo in Europe. Recently, Pharmachem Laboratories of New Jersey has become its exclusive distributor. Several structure/function claims are permitted for Teavigo product labeling, including: Boosts your body’s energy; enhances metabolism/enhances the body’s metabolism; enhances metabolism and helps to manage weight; supports endothelial function; supports heart health; and supports cardiovascular health.

Lion's mane mushroomMedicinal mushroom extract
Using a unique water-extraction technology, Draco Natural Products has created an extract from an edible and medicinal mushroom: Lion’s Mane Mushroom (Hericium erinaceus). This mushroom with a unique appearance has been popular in Japan, China, and other Asian countries. It has long cascading tendrils and consequently is also known as pom pom mushroom. Its medicinal benefits have long been known to Chinese doctors for supporting digestive health. Lion’s Mane contains beta glucan polysaccharides and diterpenes, along with polypeptides and fatty acids. Clinical studies have shown that these polysaccharides, along with adenosine and oleanolic acids, stimulate induction of interferons and modulate the immune system, boosting the white blood cell count.

TrimEliteTrimElite for weight management
Icon Group of Vermont has introduced TrimElite, a proprietary nutraceutical ingredient for healthy weight management and metabolic wellness. TrimElite possesses substantiated structure/function claims in several key areas including weight management, satiety, appetite control, thermogenesis, metabolic wellness, cardiovascular health, blood sugar balance, stress reduction and mood enhancement. It is composed of two proprietary weight management ingredients that are each supported by double-blind, placebo-controlled human clinical trials: Sensoril and LeptiCore. Icon Group is a NutraGenesis-affiliate company.

Cranberries7.2% PAC cranberry concentrate capsules
Cran-Max, a proprietary cranberry concentrate, has been improved to provide a minimum of 7.2 percent PAC (proanthocyanidins) content per 500mg. At this dosage, one 500mg capsule will now provide 36mg of PAC, meeting the French Food Safety Authority (AFSSA) function claim requirements for urinary tract health. Cran-Max is the most widely studied cranberry concentrate available, according to its maker, Proprietary Nutritionals, a subsidiary of Pharmachem Laboratories.

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