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5 new ingredients: Veg omega-3, Baobab, Satiereal, hydrolysates, spirulina

Five new ingredient launches in the January 2011 issue of Functional Ingredients: Lyc-O-Mega 10 AL; Baobab fruit powders; proteins and hydrolysates; Satiereal; and Pur-Blue Premium Coated Spirulina.

Vegetarian omega-3
Lyc-O-Mega 10 AL is a new vegetarian omega-3 ingredient made from high-quality DHA algae oil. It is designed especially for the bakery and confectionery industries. Trials have been conducted successfully in chocolates, crackers and bread that were fortified with Lyc-O-Mega 10 AL. The chocolate tablet (5g), for example, contains 5mg of DHA, which is one-third of the recommended daily consumption, without affecting its taste profile. LycoRed’s microencapsulation technology enables fortification of baked goods that traditionally could be fortified with omega-3.

Baobab fruit powders
Baobab Foods of Washington state is now nationally distributing baobab fruit pulp (Adansonia digitata), named BaoBest, available in 22 lb bulk boxes and full pallets. The fruit powder recently was granted GRAS status by the Food and Drug Administration, and Baobab Foods is the exclusive North American distributor of BaoBest from Afriplex. Baobab fruit powder is rich in minerals and dietary fiber (50g per 100g), and measures 650 ORAC value per gram, which is more than a├žai, goji or pomegranate. Because of its high fiber, it acts as a satiety ingredient and is also one of the few plant sources of calcium. It has an exotic, tangy flavor and is not pasteurized, heat extracted, freeze dried or concentrated.

Protein and hydrolysate portfolio
Ingredia Nutritional of France has launched a series of proteins and hydrolysates with new and improved ways of incorporating them into products for the sports, diet, infant and clinical nutrition markets. The portfolio of milk-derivative proteins enable a higher level of fluidity within high-protein beverages than previously possible, making a more fluid and great-textured high-protein drink available. One great application for this is sports drinks, as featured in the company’s Refuel & Repair end-product concept. The protein hydrolysates have a lower bitterness than products currently on the market, decreasing the need for masking agents. Infant nutrition would be an ideal target market.

New satiety ingredient backed by clinical studies
P.L. Thomas has introduced Satiereal, a patent-pending satiety ingredient derived from saffron. The ingredient has a unique mechanism that not only creates satiety but helps avoid snacking and compulsive eating behaviors, which in turn leads to reduction in weight and inches, the company says. Satiereal is derived from the flowers of saffron crocus, Crocus sativus L. Clinical studies have shown that 100 percent of women taking Satiereal reported decreased hunger; 80.7 percent lost weight, with a maximum of 11 lbs lost in two months. The Satiereal group notably lost preferentially fat mass, instead of lean mass.

Premium coated spirulina
Valensa International of Florida and Parry Nutraceuticals have introduced a new premium coated spirulina that makes the superfood available to a broader range of consumers. Called Pur-Blue Premium Coated Spirulina, the new ingredient uses an all-natural phycocyanin extract coating to mask the flavor of the native spirulina – offering companies interested in marketing spirulina to a broader range of consumers an attractive, neutral-tasting product that can appeal to the pickiest of eaters. Its bright blue color can help differentiate it from other spirulinas on the market.

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