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5 new products: gummies, MojoMilk, GNC Longevity, bath oil, Eyesight Rx

Five natural product launches from the February 2011 Functional Ingredients: Gummy Cuties; Gummy Bears; MojoMilk; GNC Longevity Factors; Wildly Natural Seaweed Powder Bath Products; and Eyesight Rx.

Children's multivitamin line
A new line of children's gummy vitamins, called Gummy Cuties, has been unveiled by Los Angeles-based Natural Dynamix. The multivitamin contains 11 nutrients and vitamins: one formula contains added calcium and vitamins while a second contains added EPA and DHA. All Gummy Cuties vitamins are gluten-free and made with natural flavors and colors from natural sources. They are free of soy, dairy, yeast, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish and preservatives. In addition, the company has launched several vitamin formulas for adults, including Krill Oil DX, Joint DX and Essential Antioxidant DX.

Organic candy maker adds 2 new treats
A leading maker of organically sweetened candies has added Gummy Bears and Sour Berry Bears Snack Packs to its multi-pack line of candy products. Made with organic fruit juice, and fortified with vitamin C, they do not contain gluten, corn syrup, synthetic dyes or artificial flavors. Both products do contain gelatin, but many of Surf Sweets' other candy products are suitable for vegans or vegetarians.

Chocolate milk mix with probiotics
Abunda Functional Foods of Salt Lake City has released a probiotic chocolate milk mix that contains GanedenBC30, a patented strain of Bacillus coagulans by Ganeden Labs. Called MojoMilk, it is available as individual-sized stick packs, which can be poured into a glass of milk or milk substitute. It contains 60 percent fewer calories than Nesquick, and contains the added immunity and digestive benefits of probiotics. Each serving contains at least 2 billion CFUs of probiotics, which is more than 10 times the amount found in yogurt.

Supplement line for healthy aging
Global retailer GNC of Pittsburgh has launched a line of supplements designed to support healthy aging. Called GNC Longevity Factors, the line features products with polyphenols, such as resveratrol, to protect cells from damage, as well as clinically supported ingredients for heart, eye and brain health. The six products include the Healthy Aging Program with a multivitamin, fish oil, memory formula and 500mg of resveratrol; Heart Health supplement with phytosterols; Cellular Antioxidant Defense blend rich in antioxidants; Energy Enhancer, a caffeine-free formula with antioxidants and amino acids; Eye Health with carotenoids; Strength & Agility with protein and fiber to maintain muscle tone; and Memory Formula with turmeric root extract and huperzine.

Bath oil products said to naturally calm psoriasis
The Seaweed Bath Co has created a line of natural bath products free of parabens, dyes and sodium laurel sulfate, and that is designed to naturally fight flaking, scaling and severely irritated skin. The products were conceived by a long-time psoriasis sufferer who created seaweed-based cosmetic products to help his own irritated skin without harsh chemicals or prescribed medications. Wildly Natural Seaweed Powder Bath Products include bath oils with Hawaiian kukui oil in a variety of scents, such as eucalyptus and peppermint, citrus, and lavender. Several other products are based on Moroccan argan oil. In November, the company relocated from Florida to Austin, Texas.

Complex supplement for vision support
Eyesight Rx, a natural eye formula developed by Dr. Ray Sahelian, is a new vision support formula that may improve color perception, clarity of vision, day and night vision and distance vision. Eyesight Rx vision support supplies antioxidants to the tissues in the eye, including lutein, zeaxanthin, other carotenoids, and dozens of beneficial compounds that support and improve eye health. Advance Physician Formulas provides science-based natural formulas with top-grade raw ingredients.

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