6 new ingredeints from major suppliers

New ingredeints from major suppliers

1. 'Woad' extract for viral infection symptoms

Isatis indigoticapowder extract, also known as "woad," is newly available from Cactus Botanics. This botanical, native to Central and Western Asia, has long-standing roots in traditional Chinese medicine, specifically for support against symptoms stemming from viral conditions. The company provides Isatis indigotica powder extract in both 5:1 and 10:1.  Cactus Botanics is an international expert in botanical extracts. It is US FDA registered; ISO 9001:2008, kosher/halal certified, and all its operations are cGMP compliant.  The company's key products include: Brown Seaweed Extract (Fucoidan), Bayberry Bark (Myricetin), Epimedium (Icarrins), Zeaxanthin and Lutein.

2. Burdock Root ingredient and extract

NP Nutra has developed a new Organic Burdock Root ingredient, as well as a potent Burdock Root 10:1 extract, which comes as a fine, brown powder, perfect for use in capsules, tablets and powdered supplements. The ingredients are aimed at the healthy bone and joint, and healthy blood glucose markets. Studies have shown that Burdock Root (Arctium lappa) contains as much as 45% inulin, as well as alkaloids, essential oil, glycosides, mucilage, polyacetylenes, resin, tannins, and volatile oil.

3. Purple Corn Extract comes to the US

ASI International, a versatile supplier of raw materials based in New Jersey, is now supplying purple corn extract (Maiz morado; Zea mays), in the United States. Purple corn is one of the richest sources of anthocyanins. Purple corn is particularly abundant in the anthocyanins peonidin, pelargonidin and cyanidin-3-glucoside, which have been shown in research to support the structure and function of the colon. ASI's Purple Corn Extract is food-grade (according to EEC and US food regulations), GMO-free, non-irradiated or ETO treated, and does not contain gluten or allergens, so it is therefore safe consumers with gluten issues.

4. Mango fruit extract has minimum 17 percent mangiferin

FutureCeuticals' Mango Fruit Extract comes directly from the fruit itself, not the leaves or bark of the mango tree. Featuring a minimum of 17% mangiferin and a typical ORAC of 4500 units/gram, Mango Fruit Extract is a highly potent, rich source of natural mango fruit antioxidant activity. Mango fruits have been reported to possess a range of health-promoting properties, likely attributable to their numerous phenolic acids (ellagic acid, gallic acid, ethyl gallate), flavonoids (catechin) and xanthones (mangiferin). Mangiferin in particular has been suggested to promote cardiovascular health and may act as a mild diuretic. Mangiferin may also act to support healthy inflammatory response, support healthy blood sugar and lipid levels, and is a potent polyphenol.

5. Rosemary for lipid-based cosmetics

Draco Natural Products is now carrying Odorless Liquid Rosemary Antioxidant in Oil Base. Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis L.) is a member of the mint family Lamiaceae, and is rich in safely ingested antioxidant compounds. These include diterpene phenolic compounds that have significant antioxidant and anti-microbial activity, especially carnosic acid. Rosemary supplements are used for memory, cognitive health, antioxidant health and joint health. Draco's rosemary ingredient can be used in lipid- or emulsion-based personal care products, replacing vitamin E, BHA, BHT, ascorbyl palmitate, or rosemary essential oil. Levels to use will be comparable to existing antioxidants, though 25–50 percent less will be needed. Typical lipid-based cosmetics include: hand lotions, soaps, body crèmes, facial scrubs, and moisturizers.

6. Fruit d'Or Debuts Unique Cranberry Ingredients

Fruit d'Or, the largest processor of organic cranberry in the world, has launched two distinctive nutraceutical cranberry ingredients. Cran d'Or and its sibling Cran Naturelle organic, are higher-end cranberry ingredients distinguished by being all-natural, 100 percent cranberry. There are no excipients, carriers or other irrelevant additives, due to the company's proprietary and innovative processing, making it possible for the brand marketer to offer a 'cleaner' cranberry message. Unlike other cranberry powders, both Cran d'Or and Cran Naturelle are a rich burgundy in color. The unique manufacturing process delivers a minimum ratio of 55:1  (55 pounds of pure fresh cranberry to produce one pound of nutraceutical cranberry powders), which means there are at least four times more antioxidants than one would obtain by drinking pure cranberry juice.

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