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6 new products: Neem Picks, Wellmune WGP, respiratory support, skincare, vegan probiotic

New product launches featured in the January 2011 Functional Ingredients: Neem Picks; beverages with Wellmune WGP; Aller Support and Respiratory Support; Natrol Esselence Classics Skin; gluten-free and organic skincare; and vegan Probiotic 55 Billion.

Ayurvedic toothpicks with neem
Auromère, a premium line of Ayurvedic bodycare products, has created specialized toothpicks for healthy gums. Called Neem Picks, they are made from birchwood dipped in neem bark extract and potent essential oils such as cinnamon, peppermint, spearmint and fennel. The new picks stimulate the gums, and remove food particles and plaque from between teeth while freshening the breath. The California-based company offers a trio of dental-hygiene products that do not contain fluoride, gluten, artificial sweeteners, dyes, bleaches, animal ingredients or preservatives. Products are effective for special-care situations and everyday maintenance including sensitive teeth and gums.

Toddler beverages with Wellmune WGP
New beverages launched by Mead Johnson Nutrition in Thailand and Mexico contain Wellmune WGP, a patented beta glucan ingredient by Biothera. The natural ingredient is a complex carbohydrate formed from glucose molecules that activates key innate immune cells that are the body’s first line of defense. The product is called Enfagrow PREMIUM 3 with Beta Glucan in Mexico and Enfakid A+ with Beta Glucan in Mexico and Thailand.

Respiratory support with turmeric, neem
Organix-South, a leading manufacturer of organic neem-based products, has introduced two dietary supplements in its organic TheraVeda line: Aller Support and Respiratory Support. Both formulas contain time-tested herbs such as turmeric, neem and holy basil, known for supporting sinus and respiratory health. Both formulas contain a blend of turmeric and neem. These two herbs, naturally rich in quercetin, are ideal adjuncts to any herbal regimen for seasonal conditions, as quercetin is often recommended to support healthy breathing, balanced histamine levels and to enhance the body’s ability to respond to inflammation.

Natural beauty solutions for women
Natrol, Inc. of California has launched two beauty nutraceuticals for anti-aging skin and hair support for women. Natrol Esselence Classics Skin has powerful antioxidants that help provide anti-aging skin support with biotin and lutein to help restore skin balance by promoting skin elasticity and hydration. It also contains FloraGLO, resveratrol and green tea, as well as vitamin C, which supports the production of collagen. Natrol Esselence Classics Hair helps combat age-related hair loss and reduce hormone-driven hair thinning. It contains a powerful blend of herbs, such as He Shou Wu and horsetail extract, along with vital “co-factor” nutrients such as B vitamins, biotin and more.

New all-natural beauty and skincare line
Pure SKN, a Detroit company that manufactures 100 percent natural cosmetics and skincare products, has unveiled a full line of cosmetics and skincare products that are gluten free and organic. All products have been infused with therapeutic-grade essential oils to further support the body’s ability to repair and renew the skin, as well as MSM and DMAE, which are known to reduce fine lines and age spots. The beauty products include foundations, blushes, bronzers, eye and lipliners, glosses and lipsticks, mascara and eyeshadows. The skincare products contain vitamins A, C and E; red and green tea; essential oils; and jojoba, hemp and coconut oils. They include a pure cleanser, toner and hydrating spray, firming serum, eye cream and moisturizer.

Probiotic supplement with 10 strains
Trace Minerals Research of Utah has created an encapsulated vegan probiotic formula that contains 10 strains of viable organisms, including bifidobacterium and lactobacillus, the bacteria most dominantly found in the large and small intestines.  Each capsule has been enteric coated to help prevent probiotics from being damaged by stomach acid. Called Probiotic 55 Billion, only one capsule is needed per day. Trace Minerals Research is cGMP-certified by the Natural Products Association.

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