ACIDOPHILUS – most commonly known probiotic

Vitamin Retailer Magazine, a leading health publication in the USA, has spotlighted DDS Plus Probiotics of UAS Laboratories (among others) in it’s April, 2008 issue. DDS-Plus has been a most popular probiotic supplement in the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia and has received awards in the USA and Canada as a top-seller. DDS Plus and all UAS Labs DDS Probiotic products contain the human super strain Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1. Its critically important for consumers to choose a well researched probiotic with a track record of safety and effectiveness, as not all probiotics are the same. Imagine a person in need of probiotic support trying an inferior, weak, or worse yet – dead probiotic product. They may mistakenly believe that probiotics won’t help based on an uninformed choice. The DDS-1 super strain of L. acidophilus is particularly potent because it comes from a human source. It assimilates well, survives stomach acid and bile without enteric coating, and implants effectively to colonize the lower GI tract producing the many health benefits enjoyed by millions worldwide since 1979.

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