Alchem expands Indian plant extracts facility

Alchem expands Indian plant extracts facility

Company expanded to meet demand for liquid nicotine.

Alchem International Ltd. announces the inauguration of its expanded Ballabgarh, India facility dedicated exclusively to the production of pharmaceutical grade plant extracts, including its new liquid nicotine USP/EP production line specifically developed to meet electronic cigarette requirements.

Liquid nicotine is used in the electronic cigarette (“e-cigarette”) industry. E-cigarettes are battery-powered personal vaporizers or inhalers containing liquid nicotine, or “e-liquid”, of which the user may vary the flavor and strength. E-cigarettes are used as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes to replace smoking with “vaping” to obtain nicotine. E-cigarettes produce little or no smell and no second-hand smoke.

“Expansion of our facility was necessary to answer the growing demand from e-liquid manufacturers,” states Laurent Leduc, chief operating officer of Alchem USA Inc. “Alchem’s facilities are incorporated with a state-of-the-art laboratory that is able to test USP and EP monographs to ensure the purity of our products, quantify the level of impurities, and support our customers’ quality control requirements.”

Alchem’s nicotine is virtually clear and colorless, a result of its exceptional purity. Colored nicotine contains oxidized impurities, which not only impact the flavor, but also the effectiveness of nicotine. “Our liquid nicotine is produced in a pharmaceutical-grade, FDA-inspected facility,” Leduc continues. “The nicotine is extracted from tobacco leaves, giving it a preferred flavor and complete supply chain integration. It is also packaged in special containers to extend its shelf life and to avoid oxidation.”

Alchem’s liquid nicotine is available for immediate delivery from its local US distributors.


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