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Algatechnologies Launches AstaPure® Astaxanthin Capsules at VitaFoods

Algatechnologies Israel, a leader in the field of natural astaxanthin, will launch AstaPure® 4mg astaxanthin capsules at VitaFoods, Geneva. The new, easy-to-swallow softgels will be offered in bulk quantities to manufacturers of consumer products.

“Usually, we sell our astaxanthin in the form of oleoresin and beadlets to dietary supplement manufacturers,” says Efrat Kat, Marketing Director at Algatechnologies. “But due to the increase in demand for our high-value AstaPure® astaxanthin line from other manufacturers, who cannot produce the necessary initial quantities of softgels themselves, we decided to provide it in capsules as well. We do not intend to sell the capsules as finished products or in any way to compete with our growing base of loyal customers.”

Algatechnologies is the only natural astaxanthin manufacturer that holds GMP approval from the MoH (Ministry of Health) for its microalgae cultivation system and also extracts and encapsulates its products in GMP certified facilities. Thanks to Algatechnologies' advanced production system and strict quality control policy, the company can guarantee pesticide-free and allergen-free products with the lowest upper limit of heavy metals, a parameter that becomes more important as the regulatory demands from food and food ingredients producers are becoming more stringent.

”We plan to launch this product in Europe, the US and also in Asia Pacific,” notes Kat. “This important move will increase our market share in the astaxanthin segment without hurting our major clients."

Algatechnologies produces natural astaxanthin from Haematococcus pluvialis microalgae. The company's facility is located in Israel's Arava desert, an ideal location for algae cultivation because the consistent climate provides strong sun-light and isolation from all environmental pollutants.

Algatechnologies, a leading producer of natural astaxanthin for human consumption, holds a global patent for its closed, environmentally protected, cultivation system which allows the production of a pure product with a high concentration of astaxanthin. The AstaPure® line includes a 10% astaxanthin oleoresin extracted using CO2 super critical extraction technology, 2.5% astaxanthin beadlets and 2% astaxanthin vegetarian beadlets as well as cold water-dispersible beadlets. All products can be used in multiple forms of dietary supplements, cosmeceuticals and functional foods.

Visit us at VitaFoods Booth no. 140

For further information, please contact:
Ms. Efrat Kat
Marketing Manager
Algatechnologies Ltd.
Phone: +972-8-6356425
Mobile: +972-52-4599528
e-mail: [email protected]

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