All clear for healthier beverages

All clear for healthier beverages

Milwaukee, WI – “Health and wellness is all important in today’s food industry, and consumers prefer foods with natural colors. Cleaner labels and natural antioxidants such as polyphenols or carotenoids are a must for the big beverage producers. This is the trend that our ColorFruit™ range caters to,” says Ken Gawley, Industry Manager for Food and Beverage at Chr. Hansen, the world’s leading supplier of natural colors.

The company today extends its ColorFruit™ range of natural colors with four shades that enhance colored, clear beverages. Since some natural colors can produce a cloudy effect in certain beverages, Chr. Hansen tailor made ColorFruit for use in clear beverages. The new natural red, orange, yellow, and violet are all made from fruits and vegetables. (Note: Only the red and violet colors are allowed for use in the USA.) They offer the beverage industry an attractive natural alternative to the use of synthetics like Tartrazine, Allura Red, or Sunset Yellow.

Less is more in healthy foods
The ColorFruit™ range covers all shades from yellow to violet, but is based on just two pigments, natural carotene and anthocyanins.

The excellent stability of the new ColorFruit colors owe much to a unique technology developed by the researchers at Chr. Hansen. The technology optimizes the intermolecular relationships of the color molecules and creates colors with superior heat and light stability.

“These colors are exceptionally stable in a wide range of acidic beverages such as diet and regular soft drinks, flavored waters, alcoholic beverages, or malternatives. They open the door to lots of new, exciting beverage products,” says Mr. Gawley.

Chr. Hansen is the world’s leading supplier of natural colors for the food and beverage industry - a market that is growing faster than the synthetic segment, due to the consumer demand for more natural additives.

For further information about the new ColorFruit colors and other ingredients from Chr. Hansen, contact Ken Gawley, Industry Manager for Food and Beverage at 800-558-0802 or [email protected].

Operating from facilities in thirty countries worldwide, Chr. Hansen is a global biotechnology company that provides ingredients to the food, dairy, human health and nutrition, and animal health industries. Based on intensive research, Chr. Hansen works to improve the quality of food and health for people all over the world. The company is a primary supplier of cultures, probiotics, enzymes, colors, flavors, seasonings, sweeteners, and tablet coatings and excipients, which are applied in foods and beverages, pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, and agricultural products. For more information, visit

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