Aminogen GRAS Affirmed for Food and Beverages

Wayne, NJ – February 26, 2008 – Triarco Industries announced today that the FDA has no objections to the use of Aminogen as an ingredient in foods and beverages, creating new opportunities for functional food manufacturers looking to improve protein breakdown and absorption from their protein products.

Aminogen® is the patented enzyme system designed to improve protein digestion and increase amino acid levels absorbed from dietary protein.

The announcement was made after thorough safety and use data were made available to the agency.

Market relevance of Aminogen’s GRAS confirmation is underscored by current positive consumer trends in protein nutrition and digestive health. Emerging research on the importance of lean muscle mass maintenance during weight loss and in such conditions as sarcopenia has also intensified interest in the patented enzyme system.

“Aminogen maximizes the nutritive value of the protein it is consumed with by making digestion more efficient and significantly increasing amino acid absorption,” explained Triarco Director of Research and Development, Dr. Mark Anderson. “The FDA’s determination means that now manufacturers can add Aminogen, at clinically established efficacious levels, to protein bars, snacks, meal replacements, weight loss products and a variety of protein-based foods that can benefit from this effect.”

Triarco has conducted both pre-clinical and clinical studies on Aminogen, some of which are expected to be published in the next few months.

In a recent clinical trial, researchers found the patented enzyme system improved protein digestion and increased amino acid levels from dietary sources of protein by over one-hundred percent and levels of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) by over two- hundred fifty percent. The study also showed that Aminogen increased nitrogen retention by thirty-two percent, making the enzyme system valuable for use in sports nutrition.

Aminogen’s ability to break down protein can also lead to the reduction or elimination of gastrointestinal symptoms that can result from incomplete protein digestion, a problem that has causes some consumers to shy away from high-protein products.

Currently, Aminogen is found in select protein powders and tablets for athletes and dieters who want to build or maintain lean muscle mass.

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About—Triarco is a leading supplier of premium and patented natural ingredients, including herbs, extracts, powders and granulations, minerals, plant-derived enzymes and instantized cold-water soluble herbal teas. Triarco was one of the first companies to implement a certified voucher system in combination with an in-house TLC/HPLC quality control program. For thirty years, Triarco has led the way in quality control, quality assurance, product development and technology. The company holds ten patents and is known for such patented ingredients as Alphastat®, Aminogen®, Carbogen®, Phytavail®, Pomagic® and Serotain®. Visit to learn more.

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