Ashland launches Lubrajel BA for oral care products

Ashland launches Lubrajel BA for oral care products

Novel technology helps address a growing concern in oral health.

Ashland Specialty Ingredients, a commercial unit of Ashland Inc., announced it will offer Lubrajel BA hydrogel to makers of oral care products. The novel ingredient is a clathrate of glycerin and polyacrylate that encloses water by hydrogen bonding and Van der Waals forces. Containing 50 percent water by weight, the hydrogel may be used in oral moisturizing products to provide hydration, mucoadhesion and other beneficial properties, such as lubricity, which is necessary for relief from dry mouth, a condition that may lead to serious dental health concerns if left untreated.

“With the increasing use of medications around the world, a significant number of people now seek artificial saliva products to address dryness in the oral cavity,” said Ann Druffner, global marketing manager for Ashland Specialty Ingredients’ Oral Care business. “Makers of oral care formulations are responding with a new generation of products designed to act as longer-lasting saliva substitutes. In supplying Lubrajel BA hydrogel, Ashland now provides a new ingredient to oral care formulators in their efforts to mimic natural saliva to provide improved mouth moisturization.”

Flow dynamics like natural saliva
Oral moisturizing formulations containing Lubrajel BA hydrogel exhibit shear-thinning properties that resemble natural saliva. Because the viscosity of natural saliva adjusts based on activity such as talking, chewing and rest, substitutes should mimic natural saliva’s properties.

Rheological measurements, conducted by Ashland scientists, of model spray and mouth rinse formulations containing Lubrajel BA hydrogel showed performance similar to natural saliva.

High mucoadhesion for longer relief
In vitro evaluations of model oral moisturizing spray formulations with Lubrajel BA hydrogel show higher mucoadhesion than natural saliva. Higher mucoadhesion will hold hydrated material in the mouth longer; a property essential to formulators working on new saliva substitute products aimed at longer-lasting relief from dry mouth.

“With a growing number of consumers expected to experience dry mouth symptoms in the years ahead, Ashland is ideally positioned to help producers of oral care products create new product innovations with highly functional ingredients. Lubrajel BA hydrogel, produced by Ashland’s manufacturing partner, United-Guardian, Inc., and many other oral care polymers produced by Ashland, including Natrosol™ hydroxyethylcellulose (HEC) and Plasdone™ polymers, form the basis of many oral care product innovations.  As new products are developed in support of better oral care, Ashland will be at work in the laboratory, evaluating a range of polymers with the potential to advance product performance,” said Druffner.

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