BENEO-Remy Responds to Manufacturer's Demand for Natural Products

More and More Food and Beverage Manufacturers are Responding to Consumer Demand for Natural and 'Clean label' Products

Looking to Ingredients like the BENEO-Remy Range of Natural, Functional Rice Derivatives

Consumers the world over are becoming increasingly concerned about the integrity of the food they eat, including what ingredients and messages are featured on the label. With this in mind, more and more food and beverage manufacturers are looking for natural ingredients that can be verified and guaranteed all the way from the fields to the store shelves. This factual insight from BENEO-Remy reinforces the predictions of publications such as Mintel's* and New Nutrition Business, issued at the beginning of 2009.

Vincent Caluwaerts, Sales & Marketing Manager for BENEO-Remy explains, "Recent food scares have put natural ingredients high on consumers' priority lists. To enable food manufacturers to respond to the increased consumer consciousness about food content and their desire for 'Natural' and 'Free-from' products, manufacturers require ingredients providing a clean label solution, like BENEO-Remy's range of natural and nutritious rice derivatives."

The Clean Label Trend
In 2008, the number of clean label product launches grew by an impressive 48% worldwide. The trend remains buoyant in 2009 with nearly 4500 new clean label products launched in the first five months of the year. Western Europe dominates with 40% of clean label launches with North America and Asia also performing well, each with a 17% share*.

"As outlined in the Mintel report on trends, consumers respond well to simple, authentic messages and natural products that fit well with a balanced healthy lifestyle", said Vincent Caluwaerts. "With this in mind, we have been working closely with leading food and beverage manufacturers to see how our rice derivatives, Remyline® (natural waxy rice starch) for example, can best offer innovative solutions.

Versatile Natural Ingredients
BENEO-Remy provides an extensive range of rice-based ingredients, each with specific functional advantages, to improve the delicate textures and nutritional values of a wide range of food products. All ingredients are carefully managed throughout the entire supply chain process to make sure stringent guidelines are adhered to, ensuring naturalness and clean label solutions. BENEO-Remy's natural ingredients have been proven to offer more than satisfying results in:

• Baby Food Infant formula, infant cereal and jarred baby food • Extruded products Breakfast cereals, snacks, pasta, etc.
• Prepared meals Frozen meals, refrigerated meals, etc.
• Soups & Sauces Neutral and acid systems • Batters & Coatings French fries, coated meat, etc.
• Dietetic & healthy food products
• Dairy Yogurt, white cheese, etc.
• Dairy free Drinks, desserts, chocolate, etc.
• Bakery Cakes, cookies, fillings and more

BENEO-Remy is part of the BENEO-Group, which also includes BENEO-Orafti and BENEO-Palatinit. The three business units have made producing the purest natural ingredients from rice, chicory and sugar beet their No.1 priority alongside assisting food manufacturers with product design from conception to marketing. In fact, with concerns about food integrity and naturalness strongly on the increase, food manufacturers who aren't yet exploring clean label solutions should be!
* Mintel 2009 Trends Report

BENEO-Remy is part of the BENEO-Group, which is responsible for the specialized functional food activities within the Südzucker Group. BENEO- Remy is a world market leader in the production and sale of rice derivatives like starches, flours, proteins and, most recently, stabilized rice bran/germ.

The company's product portfolio also includes Nutriz, a rice concentrate that is used in non-dairy drinks and desserts. BENEO-Remy products reach consumers in diverse applications such as: baby foods, breakfast cereals, prepared meals, soups and sauces, bakery goods, dairy products and much more. BENEO-Remy has production sites in Belgium and Italy and serves world markets through a sales network of distributors in more than 45 countries.

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