BioGaia Signs New Agreement with Semper for Unique Probiotic Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS)

BioGaia has signed an agreement with Semper AB, giving Semper exclusive rights to distribute a product combining BioGaia's patented
probiotic and ORS in one single packaging, in Sweden and Norway. Since its discovery about 50 years ago, ORS has become the cornerstone of modern therapy for pediatric diarrhoea, gastroenteritis caused by cholera or rotavirus, among others. The WHO and UNICEF, who jointly maintain the official guidelines for ORS contents, also recommend parallel zinc supplementation for diarrhoea management, particularly for pediatric patients.

"Our experiences with BioGaia products during the past years confirm what extensive studies on Lactobacillus reuteri Protectis have proven regarding effect on diarrhoea and other GI-tract-related health issues", says Mona Svensson Puhakka, Marketing Manager Semper Nutrition. "We therefore wanted to integrate this superior Lactobacillus in a truly effective and safe ORS product even for two month old infants, following official WHO guidelines, including zinc, whilst excluding colours and unnecessary additives common in other commercial ORS products."

"We are proud to be the first to bring the world of probiotics and ORS together in one integrated packaging. Up to now no one has been able to combine ORS and probiotics into one single packaging. It is in line with our strategy of developing superior health products that are convenient to use and to work closely with our key partners like Semper", says BioGaia President Peter Rothschild.

BioGaia probiotic ORS is pre-mixed in one 5.5g sachet per portion and will be launched in Swedish pharmacies starting august 2009.

Semper is the leading brand of baby-food in Sweden, with 70 years of experience of developing and marketing good and nutritionally adapted products for smaller children, in cooperation with pediatricians and nutritional experts. For more information on Semper AB:

For additional information contact:
Peter Rothschild, Managing Director, telephone: +46 8 -555 293 00
Jan Annwall, Deputy Managing Director, telephone: +46 8-555 293 00

BioGaia is a biotechnology company that develops, markets and sells probiotic products with documented health benefits. The products are primarily based on the lactic acid bacterium Lactobacillus reuteri (Reuteri), which has probiotic, health-enhancing effects. The class B share of the Parent Company BioGaia AB is quoted on the Small Cap list of the NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange Stockholm.

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