Bricker Labs & DSM introduce ResForte, a Trans-Resveratrol Softgel

Phoenix-based Bricker Labs ( today announces the launch of the highest potency trans-resveratrol softgel capsule available on the market called ResForte™. This new resveratrol supplement, made with resVida® trans-resveratrol, contains 50 mg of resveratrol per capsule, requiring only one softgel a day at mealtime to support a healthy heart and provide the benefits of red wine.

Resveratrol is the anti-oxidant nutrient found in red wine that may protect the body from the aging effects of free radicals and oxidative stress that can lead to premature aging of cells. Resveratrol can also be found naturally in peanuts, mulberries, whole grapes, grape skin, grape seeds and giant knotweed. Resveratrol has been shown in concentrated form to activate human genes responsible for longevity, survival and cardiovascular health. Because the trans-resveratrol found in red wine is a very low concentration, the amount needed to significantly activate human genes vastly exceeds the amount of wine that would be healthy for a person to drink. With many types of resveratrol of varying degrees of quality available on the market today, Bricker Labs elected to partner with DSM Nutritional Products to use resVida® trans-resveratrol in ResForte™ to continue the tradition of trusted, quality products.

"We elected to use resVida® trans-resveratrol due to its complete safety dossier and highest Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) status, in addition to the recently presented data that demonstrated cardiovascular health benefits in humans," said Chuck Heying, President of Bricker Labs. "We looked at several sources of resveratrol to determine which ingredient was best for ResForte™. DSM's commitment to the highest safety standards and new research efforts made our final decision clear."

"DSM is excited that Bricker Labs selected resVida® trans-resveratrol as their ingredient of choice," said Reto Rieder, Senior Marketing Manager for resVida® at DSM Nutritional Products. "Our human data on cardiovascular health, unmatched comprehensive safety data, quality and reliability prove to be a winning combination."

ResForte™ is free of milk or milk by-products, egg or egg by-products, fish or fish by-products, shellfish or shellfish by-products, tree nuts, wheat and wheat by-products and peanuts or peanut by-products. It is important to consult your physician or dietitian before starting a new supplement to ensure there are no interactions with other medications you may be taking. For more information, please visit

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