CapsCanada Launches Platinum Caps™, with a Metallic Capsule Look

CapsCanada announced today the launch of PLATINUM CAPS™, two-piece capsules with an appealing metallic look in a multitude of colors (available in gelatin or vegetable HPMC according to customers’ needs).

The metallic look is obtained with a light-reflecting pigment, Candurin®, composed of titanium dioxide and natural mica.**

PLATINUM CAPS™ are available in a wide range of metallic colors or color combinations (green, red, purple, blue, turquoise, orange, silver, gold, platinum, bronze, etc) and can be printed for increased product differentiation.

PLATINUM CAPS™ are free of preservatives, allergens, gluten and starches.

For more information visit or call customer service (866) 788-2888

About the company:
CapsCanada® is a world leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical grade two-piece capsules. Clients include the most prestigious companies around the world.

Gabriel Eilemberg - [email protected]
Director of Business Development
954-979-6440 (phone)
786-514-9106 (mobile)
954-979-6390 (fax)

**Previously used in topical applications and tablet coatings, Candurin®, the mica-based metallic pigment, was approved for use in food and supplements by the Federal Drug Administration on July 20, 2006. Candurin® is a registered trademark of Merck KGaA.

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