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Capsugel Introduces Pre-Pro Combo, a Combination Probiotic Supplement

Capsugel, the world’s leading supplier of dosage form solutions, has announced the launch of Pre-Pro Combo, an innovative new product which is designed to contain a combination of prebiotic and probiotic ingredients.

Utilizing Capsugel’s unique Moisture Defense System (MDS) design, which includes the use of capsule-in-a-capsule technology, it offers natural products marketers the opportunity to enter the growing probiotic market with an innovative edge.

“As the awareness of digestive health continues to grow, consumers are looking for nutritional products that can improve their digestive health. Prebiotics and probiotics can work together to improve the ultimate nutritional effectiveness of probiotic ingredients. However, prebiotic regimens are less common because they are new to the market and more difficult to find on store shelves. The Pre-Pro Combo gives manufacturers a distinctive way to efficiently offer consumers additional benefits within one unique product,” said Mark Vieceli, Marketing & Business Development Manager for Capsugel.

The inner capsule of the Pre-Pro Combo contains Lactobacillus acidophilus probiotic, which is then suspended in a liquid-based prebiotic formula containing Fructo Oligosaccharide (FOS). Both capsules are composed of plant-based HPMC (hypromellose), and both are sealed with Capsugel’s proprietary LEMS® sealing process.

As moisture sensitive ingredients, such as probiotics, can pull water from the environment or surrounding materials, one key aspect of the Pre-Pro Combo product design is moisture protection. The low moisture content of HPMC capsules, as well as the use of excipients with low water activity, means that very little moisture is present. “It acts like an internal desiccant--which means twice the protection from moisture from one innovative system,” said Vieceli.

The dissolution profile of the Pre-Pro Combo design demonstrates another important advantage of the Pre-Pro Combo. To be effective, probiotics need to reach the intestinal tract, and Pre-Pro Combo’s slower dissolution facilitates a delayed release effect. Pre-Pro Combo is designed so that the inner capsule containing the probiotic culture takes longer to fully dissolve, helping to improve its ability to reach the digestive system where it is most effective. “The natural delayed dissolution properties of Pre-Pro Combo reduce the need enteric coatings. Such coating processes add an extra step in manufacturing, and the heat and moisture involved can affect the viability of the live bacteria,” said Vieceli.

Another feature of this product is excellent stability. Many probiotic supplements marketed today require refrigeration, which naturally helps the cultures maintain their freeze-dried state. However, the Moisture Defense System’s built-in protective properties can help to maintain stability at room temperature. The recommended temperature for maintaining this product is at or below 25 degrees Celsius. “Eliminating the need for refrigeration reduces expensive shipping and storage costs for both manufacturers and retailers, and makes the product more convenient for consumers to use,” Vieceli noted.

“Not only does the Moisture Defense System design enhance stability and deliver the expected CFUs/capsule” Vieceli emphasized, “the unique design will also help a product stand out on shelves and allow marketers to distinguish themselves visually as well.” Turn key packaging support services for Pre-Pro Combo are also available from Capsugel.

Capsugel, a world leader in capsule manufacturing with 10 global manufacturing facilities, produces two-piece gelatin and vegetarian capsules for nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and over-the-counter (OTC) markets. The Capsugel product line of uniquely designed and patented products includes Licaps® liquid-filled capsules, Vcaps® vegetarian capsules, and DBcaps® capsules for double-blind clinical trials. Capsugel also manufactures capsule filling and sealing equipment. Capsugel offers formulation development services for liquid-filled products in laboratories in Colmar, France, and Greenwood, S.C. Capsugel is a division of Pfizer Inc. For more information, visit, or call (888) 783-6361.

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