Carlson Laboratories Great Tasting Cod Liver Oil Demonstrated on YouTube Video by Dr. Phil Harrington

Arlington Heights, IL ---March 2007--- The great taste of Carlson Laboratories Cod Liver Oil was demonstrated in a YouTube video made by Dr. Phil Harrington. Dr. Harrington and his family recognize the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids and make sure they supplement their diet with Carlson Cod Liver Oil. Dr. Harrington posted a video showing how easy it is to give your children the healthy benefits of omega-3s. His video shows his children eating their breakfast and taking their Carlson Cod Liver Oil. The video can be seen on YouTube

Scientists and doctors worldwide are encouraging people to consume more fish because of their known health benefits. DHA and EPA (omega-3 fatty acids) are important for brain and vision development in growing children, cardiovascular health, support flexible joint function and skin health.

Carlson Cod Liver Oil is naturally rich in DHA and EPA and contains 1,100 mg to 1,250 mg of total omega-3’s in each teaspoonful. Carlson Cod Liver Oil comes from cold-water fish found in deep artic waters of the coast of Norway, and is bottled in Norway to ensure maximum freshness. Cod Liver Oil is a natural source of the important vitamins A & D. Natural-source vitamin E is added to ensure the freshness of the oil.
All Carlson fish oil products are regularly tested for freshness, potency and purity by an independent, FDA-registered laboratory.

Carlson Laboratories has been supplying quality vitamins and nutritional supplements for over 40 years. Our award-winning nutritional supplements and fish oil products are renowned for their purity and great taste. Call us today for more information @ 1-888-234-5656, or visit your local natural health food store. J.R. Carlson Laboratories, Inc. 15 W. College Drive, Arlington Heights, IL 60004.

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