Carlson Laboratories Introduces Right for the Macula

Arlington Heights, IL ---July 2007--- Carlson Laboratories Introduces Right for the Macula, the newest addition to its popular vision health product line. Right for the Macula was formulated by award-winning ophthalmologist Robert Abel, Jr., M.D. with nutrients that help promote vision health and the health of the macula. Carlson Right for the Macula provides Lutein with DHA to promote greater pigment density in and around the macula as well as other nutrients like zeaxanthin.

The macula, which resides in the center of the retina, is responsible for our most detailed vision. Lutein and Zeaxanthin are carotenoids supplied by fruits and vegetables which are important to vision and is concentrated in and around the macula. These nutrients are essential to the health of the eye and the human body cannot make them.
Right for Macula contains 6 mg Lutein and 400 mg DHA per soft gel. Research has shown that this amount, taken twice daily, helps increase macular pigment density. DHA, also present in the formula, is an omega-3 fatty acid found in cold water fish which is important for vision health. Both of these nutrients are difficult to obtain in the typical American diet.

About Carlson Laboratories

Carlson Laboratories has been supplying the finest quality vitamins and nutritional supplements for over 40 years. Our award winning fish oil products are renowned for their purity and great taste. Call us today for more information @ 1-888-234-5656, or visit your local natural foods store. J.R. Carlson Laboratories, Inc. 15 W. College Drive, Arlington Heights, IL 60004.

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