Coenzyme Q10 Continues To Gain in Popularity - ZMC-USA Increases Market Share

Recently released retail sales data for year ending 2007 (IRI) indicate a 19% increase in $ sales volume and a 9% increase in unit sales of CoQ10 . The data lists CoQ10 as the third largest volume non letter vitamin in the VM&S category behind Glucosamine/Chondroitin and Essential Fatty Acid. It is now estimated there are approximately 6,000,000 U.S. consumers supplementing an average of 82mg CoQ10 daily. This data underscores ZMC’s belief in the continued long term stable growth of CoQ10. Based upon current supply capacity in relation to anticipated demand, it is expected CoQ10 raw material pricing will remain relatively stable for the near term.ZMC remains committed to continuing to provide the highest quality most responsibly priced CoQ10 on the market. ZMC-USA maintains this philosophy across all sectors of the product offerings now including FDA Registered Antibiotics.

Additionally, these US import statistics, confirm increasing confidence in ZMC material. After successful completion of both FDA and manufacturer inspections, 2nd half 2007 ZMC-USA sales volume increased 60% over 1st half 2007 and ZMC CoQ10 market share is indicated to be in excess of 30% of U.S. market. ZMC is proud to receive the continuing confidence and support from all of its loyal customers.

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