Company news - October 2010

Gaia Herbs named Gold Partner; Stevia distribution agreement in Mexico; Hemp distribution pact for Europe; Novus buys IQF Group ingredient portfolio; Carnipure supply agreement; Supps line earns GMP certification; Pharmachem donates $1 million to aid children; ONC acquires exclusive technology license  

Gaia Herbs named Gold Partner
Gaia Herbs Professional Division (under the brand name Professional Solutions) has been accepted into the Emerson Quality Program (EQP) as a Gold Partner, the highest ranking a company can receive. The objective of the EQP is to provide a convenient information portal for healthcare practitioners interested in recommending high quality dietary supplements to their patients. Gaia Herbs is one of only 10 companies to receive this level of approval and is the only herbal company to have done so to date. Gaia Herbs is a certified organic grower and nationally branded manufacturer of liquid herbal extracts based in Western North Carolina. The company cultivates 250 acres of medicinal herbs that are organically certified each year under the USDA's National Organic Program.


Stevia distribution agreement in Mexico
GLG Life Tech Corp, a vertically integrated high-purity stevia supplier, has signed a five-year agreement with Grupo Azucarero Mexico (GAM) for the marketing and distribution of GLG's stevia extract products in Mexico. GAM is the largest private producer of sugar in Mexico, following only the Mexican government. The company owns and operates sugar mills and packaging plants throughout Mexico and specializes in the production, processing and distribution of sugar cane, as well as in the elaboration and sale of sugar-based derivates and products.

Hemp distribution pact for Europe
Manitoba Harvest has signed a distribution partnership with Pukka Herbs that will help the company expand into untapped regions of the United Kingdom and Ireland. The Canadian hemp producer reports that its exports have grown more than 500 percent over the past year. Founded in 1998, Manitoba harvest is the world's largest vertically integrated, farmer-owned hemp food manufacturer.



Novus buys IQF Group ingredient portfolio
Stratum Nutrition's parent company, Novus International, has acquired the IQF Group, a Spanish producer of nutritional additives for the feed industry, as well as a range of carotenoids for foods, beverages and supplements. The STRATUM Product Portfolio will be acquiring some of these carotenoids as new functional ingredient product offerings. IQF's current portfolio of food ingredients consists of BETACOL, a nature-identical beta-carotene, CANTHACOL canthaxanthin, and LUTECOL, a natural lutein product. Stratum Nutrition will keep these already known brands in place as they merge into the existing functional ingredient side of the portfolio.

Carnipure supply agreement
Multipower and Lonza have signed a multi-year, exclusive supply agreement for Carnipure, Lonza's pure, crystalline L-Carnitine. Under the Carnipure brand, Lonza offers Carnipure crystalline, which is pure L-Carnitine, as well as Carnipure tartrate, a non-hygroscopic form made of L-Carnitine and tartaric acid. Multipower, a pioneer of sports nutrition in Europe, provides supplementary nutrition for athletes.

Supps line earns GMP certification
VivaPrime, an 11-product line of holistic nutritional lifestyle supplements that recently launched in the US market, received GMP certification from NSF International. The company has invested more than $25 million in a manufacturing facility with in-house quality testing and R&D capabilities.


Pharmachem donates $1 million to aid children
Pharmachem Laboratories Inc has pledged $1 million to Vitamin Angels, an organization dedicated to eliminating nutrient deficiencies in children. It is believed about 150 million children worldwide are chronically malnourished. The long-term commitment by Pharmachem will result in donations of $200,000 per year over the next five years to the Vitamin Angels organization. Based in New Jersey, Pharmachem is a maker of high-quality, efficacious nutritional ingredients.

ONC acquires exclusive technology license
Ocean Nutrition Canada has acquired the exclusive global marketing and distribution rights to GAT Food Essentials' Omega-3 microencapsulation-emulsion technology.  As a result of the agreement, ONC acquired the rights to exclusive use of GAT's unique and patented wowCAPS technology, in the omega-3 space. In addition, ONC acquired all of GAT's existing global omega-3 customer base, which includes customers in Australia, Europe, North America and South America.

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