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Corporate profile: Reliance Private Label Vitamins

Reliance Private Label Supplements
500 Memorial Drive
Somerset, NJ 08873

Contact: Joni Russell, [email protected], 732.537.1220

Reliance is a manufacturer of private label supplements with a strong reputation for product innovation, premium ingredients and meaningful quality. The company has been making it easy for businesses to offer their own private label since its inception in 1978 with practices such as low minimum orders, fast turnaround times, 450+ SKUs in stock, and in-house label design and printing.

Our new product introductions keep us years ahead of other private label companies and our recent additions help extend our lead. They include Flax Fusion (a delicious flax oil emulsion), Plant Fusion (a multi-source plant protein), Shelf-Stable Probiotics, and Whole Food Multis.

The company has always worked hard on behalf of protecting the industry and this is best illustrated by our efforts through the New Jersey Health Freedom Coalition to help pass DSHEA in 1994, and our ongoing support of the Coalition to Preserve DSHEA.

Reliance sells direct to retailers.

What differentiates Reliance:
Reliance has a long term commitment to product innovation and meaningful quality that sets it apart from other private label companies. We help make private labeling about quality and innovation. It is about premium ingredient sources such as the 50 patented and trademarked materials we offer in hundreds of SKUs. Reliance gives businesses a way to build their own brand of supplements and to market it with confidence.

What retailers may not know about us:
Retailers may not know that we own a large-scale printing press that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and gives us to complete control of the label printing process. This allows us to provide beautiful and consistent label printing to all of our customers.

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