Cyvex Nutrition Announces Partnership Success with PomActiv(TM)

TORONTO, CANADA & IRVINE, CA – C.K. Nutritional Ingredients, Inc. and Cyvex Nutrition, which formed a strategic alliance in late 2005 for the former to sell and market Cyvex’ PomActiv™ pomegranate extract to Canadian food, beverage and dietary supplement manufacturers, have announced the successful launch of a popular franchised brand of PomActiv™ muffins.

Michael Chernyak, General Manager of C.K. Nutritional Ingredients Inc., notes that a leading Canadian bakery operator is now using PomActiv™ in a muffin, which is sold at a leading Canadian coffee chain, throughout all the Canadian provinces. “The PomActiv™ muffin is positioned as a healthy snack item that provides an amount of PomActiv™ equivalent in antioxidant capacity to five glasses of pure pomegranate juice,” explains Chernyak. “The bakery operator worked with CK Nutritional Ingredients and the coffee chain to develop a product that had superior taste, texture and shelf life, while at the same time delivering the health benefits of the pomegranate,” he adds.

The PomActiv™ muffin, Chernyak points out, is a groundbreaking product in Canada. Strict regulatory requirements in Canada make it challenging to develop food products with health benefits that can be effectively communicated to consumers. “Some forward-thinking manufacturers and marketers are rising to this challenge by utilizing innovative marketing and communication strategies. This is providing them with an all-important first-mover advantage in a functional food and beverage environment that is still in its infancy in Canada."

Earlier this year, Cyvex Nutrition and C.K. Nutritional Ingredients, Inc. announced an agreement whereby C.K. Foods, Inc. will market, sell, warehouse and distribute the complete range of Cyvex’ proprietary, branded and scientifically researched specialty nutritional ingredients.

Charlene Lee, Cyvex executive vice president and general manager, comments that Cyvex Nutrition is excited by the tremendous potential the PomActiv™ muffin represents. “This opens the market for people to obtain dietary nutraceuticals and increase their antioxidant intake, especially for those who have an aversion to pill form. We look forward to more innovative foods and supplements with our Canadian partners.”

About C.K. Foods
Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, C.K. Nutritional Ingredients is a division of C.K. Foods Inc., a well-established importer and sitributor of innovative, value-added raw materials to Canadian food and beverage markets. For additional information please contact Michael Chernyak at (905) 760-1176 ext. 222 or [email protected].

About Cyvex Nutrition, Inc.
Entering its 23rd year, Cyvex Nutrition, Inc., has become a leader in the supply of superior quality, innovative, proprietary antioxidants and other influential nutraceuticals for the dietary supplement and functional foods industry. Cyvex has firmly established itself as a resourceful supply-chain partner that provides ancillary services such as NutriPrint™ quality assurance testing, marketing and formulation assistance.

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