Cyvex Nutrition Launches Cognisetin™

Cyvex Nutrition has announced the launch of Cognisetin™, a fisetin-based ingredient that has been shown to stimulate the signaling pathways that enhance long-term memory. Cognisetin is the result of an agreement between Cyvex Nutrition and the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, where Cyvex has licensed the Salk Institute's patent covering fisetin to enhance memory and has exclusive distribution rights for the ingredient.

Cognisetin's role in improving cognition goes far beyond its antioxidant potential. Its ability to permeate through the blood brain barrier in vitro efficiently and effectively presents great potential in neuroprotection. Research over the past decade has shown the active ingredient in Cognisetin to reduce overactive brain and spinal cord-specific immune defenses that contribute to age-related decline and/or conditions; generate neuron cells in presence of damage; and protect and contribute to the synthesis of antioxidants found naturally in the body such as gluthionine. Results were demonstrated at human equivalence dose of 50 – 150mg per day for an average adult.

"Nutritional supplements for cognitive enhancement grew 122 percent from 2002 to 2008 and exceed $300 million in sales, and we expect to see this number continue to grow as the baby boomer population ages," stated Matt Phillips, President, Cyvex Nutrition.

Fisetin is a naturally occurring flavonoid, which can be found in fruits and vegetables including strawberries.

About Cyvex Nutrition
Cyvex Nutrition, headquartered in Irvine, Calif., is a leading provider of proprietary, condition specific ingredients to the nutraceuticals industry for over 25 years. The company has re-engineered the antioxidant category with its extensive portfolio of offerings that includes BioVin(R), BioVin Advanced, Euro Black Currant and PomActivTM to name a few. Every Cyvex Nutrition ingredient is guaranteed by the company's exclusive NutriPrint(R) quality assurance system, which includes identity testing of incoming raw materials through FT-NIR, third party certification by independent laboratories for active ingredients, microbiology, heavy metals and pesticide and solvent residue when applicable. For more information visit

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