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Draco Natural Products Launches Blueberry Fruit Extract

Standardized Full-Spectrum Extract™ blueberry fruit extract loaded with polyphenols and anthocyanins, is the latest addition to the roster of fruit ingredients offered by San Jose-based Draco Natural Products.

Draco announced that it uses High Bush Blueberry to make a 25:1 extract that has appreciable levels of anthocyanins, giving the extract a very dark purple appearance. According to Draco, there are 2-3% anthocyanins in its Blueberry extract.

“The royal purple color retained during the extract process is indicative of the numerous health benefits that can be found in the extract,” says Brien Quirk, technical director for Draco Natural Products.

Rich in vitamin C, blueberry extract is known to support a healthy immune system, which is responsible for guarding against infection. In a multi-cellular organism study, blueberries containing polyphenolic compounds, showed robust and reproducible benefits that may help increase lifespan and slow the aging process..

Blueberry has also been shown to help protect against cosmic rays or cosmic radiation (heavy particles), which are a high energy, cell damaging form of background radiation that originates from outer space, and is known to expose frequent fliers as well as astronauts . According to a 2005 PubMed published study conducted by USDA scientists, rats were fed a 2% diet of blueberry or strawberry and then exposed to brain cell-damaging cosmic radiation. After an array of maze and problem solving tests, results showed the cognitive performance of irradiated rates maintained on the blueberry enriched antioxidant diets was significantly better than that of control animals that were not fed a high antioxidant diet. Furthermore, animals fed blueberry enriched antioxidant diets prior to exposure showed reduced heavy particle damage one year after exposure, compared to the animals fed the control diet.

In addition to blueberry fruit extract, which is certified Kosher, Draco Natural Products offers more than 300 different extracts from herbal botanicals, fruits and vegetables. The company was founded on the concept of creating all-natural, full spectrum botanical ingredients using a proprietary manufacturing process with only purified water.

Draco Natural Products, the first U.S-based certified organic botanical extract manufacturer in China with USDA NOP, and EU, IFOAM organic certifications, is the world leader in the manufacture and supply of botanical raw materials for nutritional supplements, functional foods and beverages, as well as cosmetics, skin care and personal products.

For more information about the Standardized Full-Spectrum Extract™ blueberry fruit extract, contact Draco Natural Products at 408.287.7871 or visit

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