Enzyme Expert Tom Bohager's Latest Book Available Now for Pre-order

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. (Dec. 11, 2007) - Readers interested in improving their diet and overall health can now get a head start by pre-ordering the latest book from enzyme expert Tom Bohager, "Everything You Need to Know About Enzymes."

It can be pre-ordered now at www.amazon.com and www.bn.com.

Bohager's latest book will be officially released nationwide Feb. 1 and discusses simple, natural methods for dramatically improving health without dramatically altering the reader's current lifestyle. The book, available in hardcover, explains how to use enzyme supplements to maintain or improve general health as well as to treat specific ailments including irritable bowel syndrome and other digestion issues; allergies; migraines; and arthritis.

Enzymes are increasing in popularity thanks to the health benefits found in enzyme-rich diets, including those that center on vegetables and raw foods.

"I am convinced that the secret to understanding and achieving good health is revealed through a grasp of the invaluable role enzymes play in life. Tom Bohager's new landmark book, 'Everything You Need to Know About Enzymes', is, in my opinion, the most useful and comprehensive book on the subject of enzymes available today," said Harvey Diamond, author of "Fit for Life."

"Everything You Need to Know About Enzymes" is Bohager's second book in less than two years, as his previous book, "Enzymes: What the Experts Know," was released in August of 2006 and has proven to be a helpful resource covering the basics of enzyme therapy.

"I wrote 'Everything You Need to Know About Enzymes' with the average person in mind. It is an initial introduction to the world of enzyme supplements and enzyme therapy," said Bohager. "Specific health conditions are discussed and then the recommended types and levels of enzymes are outlined. Readers will find this a helpful guide to improving their health for the long-term."

Bohager has worked in the enzyme field for more than 10 years and founded Enzymedica, Inc., a manufacturer of indication-specific, enzyme-based products. He holds a bachelor of science in holistic nutrition.

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