Enzyme Therapy Gaining Ground in the UK

Recent edition of the popular British daily paper Daily Mail features
Dr. Ellen Cutler, author of “Enzymes for Health and Healing”

London is quite a distance from the San Francisco bay area, but Ellen Cutler’s message is making its way to health conscious Britons. Her newest book MicroMiracles: Discover the Healing Power of Enzymes (Rodale, 2006) has also been released in the UK, with the title Enzymes for Health and Healing.

Cutler is a tireless advocate of enzyme supplementation, and is regarded as one of the foremost authorities on the subject of this millennium. She was a key player in the development of the WellZymes line of digestive and systemic enzymes from Enzymes, Inc. In fact, the formulations found in the WellZymes product line are those detailed in Enzymes for Health and Healing.

“Enzyme supplements from the WellZymes product line are among the most effective products on the retail market today,” explains Cutler. “They are 100% vegetarian, are stable over a wide range of pH levels, and contain only the finest enzymes and herbal extracts.”

Enzymes, Inc. has been formulating enzyme based nutritional supplements used in the health care industry for over two decades. The WellZymes product line was created to provide a professional quality enzyme supplement for the health conscious consumer.

While somewhat of a nascent area of healthcare, as more and more doctors and patients discover the efficacy of digestive and systemic enzyme supplementation, it is rapidly becoming more mainstream.

“Poor digestion can cause a array of other kinds of problems,” said Cutler, “such as: not being able to focus, cholesterol problems, other kinds of cardiovascular situations, rashes, eczema, hair falling out, nails breaking, pain and inflammation, and mood swings.”

Products from the WellZymes product line were specifically designed to assist in the treatment of many different health conditions and are available from several retail outlets as well as from www.buyenzymes.com. For more information, visit the WellZymes website at www.wellzymes.com.


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