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Enzymotec's high-potency K-REAL krill oil gains EU Novel Food approval

Enzymotec's high-potency grade of K·Real® krill oil has received Novel Food approval from the European Commission (EC).

Enzymotec announced that its high-potency grade of K·Real® krill oil has received Novel Food approval from the European Commission (EC). This approval allows high grades of K·REAL® krill oil to be used in a wide selection of foods and beverages in Europe and to be labeled with additional health claims, beyond the standard heart health-related claim of other krill oils.

With the approval, Enzymotec is now the only krill oil manufacturer that offers EU-approved high grades of krill oil solutions. Enzymotec customers that offer high-grade K·Real-based products in Europe are unique in being able to use all the following health claims on their labels:

  • “Contributes to the normal function of the heart.”
  • “Contributes to the maintenance of normal brain function.”
  • “Contributes to the maintenance of normal vision.”

“The EU’s Novel Food approval process is very strict and challenging,” commented Dr. Ariel Katz, president and chief executive officer of Enzymotec Ltd. “Enzymotec invested great effort in this filing, and we are pleased that, following very positive reviews from the EU member states, the Novel Food board has voted to approve our innovative krill oil ingredient.”

K·REAL® high potency krill oil is manufactured through a specialized and proprietary technology called Multi Stage Oil extraction (MSO®), developed by Enzymotec. MSO® technology assures high quality oil and superior organoleptic properties compared to other commercially available products.

Dr. Ariel Katz continued: "Enzymotec’s customer-driven approach, combined with our technological expertise, enables us to understand each customer’s unique needs and create tailor-made solutions such as this unique product."

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