EpiCor secures cold and flu health claim from Health Canada

EpiCor secures cold and flu health claim from Health Canada

Embria receives approval as a new natural health product in Canada.

On November 1, Ankeny, Iowa–based ingredient company Embria Health Sciences announced that Health Canada approved its immune health ingredient EpiCor as a new natural health product (NHP). Canada’s health system requires that new health products undergo pre-market evaluation for efficacy and safety before they are accredited and given a Natural Product Number (NPN).

NHPs require a substantiated health claim to be sold in Canada—products with 500mg of EpiCor can say, “Helps reduce incidence of cold and flu symptoms.” While an NHP claim is less powerful than a Health Canada approved health claim on a food—or a U.S. qualified health claim, like the one on folic acid—it carries much more weight than, say, a structure/function claim.

According to NBJ’s 2012 Global Supplement & Nutrition Industry Report, the market for dietary supplements in Canada grew 5% to $1.5 billion in 2010.

The NPN is a nice feather Embria’s cap, and further validation of the scientific research on EpiCor’s efficacy.

Another feather in their cap is a 2011 NBJ Investment in the Future Award, which Embria won for a seasonal study on EpiCor on municipal employees in the company’s hometown of Ankeny. The study showed a statistically significant reduction in sick days.

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