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European Success Highlights Fabuless Appeal

The widespread appeal of foods and beverages which help consumers effectively control their weight has been reinforced by the recent launch of a series of successful products throughout Europe. These new concepts, which include Optimel Control, Allévo and Slimthru®, have been based on DSM’s breakthrough weight management ingredient, Fabuless™. All are currently enjoying significant commercial success which US manufacturers will be keen to replicate.

Launched by Campina in late 2006, Optimel Control is a dairy shot drink available in raspberry and lemon flavors. It provides the recommended dosage of Fabuless in each 100ml shot. Sales of Optimel Control rocketed in the Netherlands following the launch and it sold out within days of appearing on Dutch supermarket shelves. Thanks to its great tasting formula, convenient format and proven efficacy, the success of Optimel Control has snowballed throughout Europe. The product also appeared in German and Austrian retail outlets under the name Optiwell Control earlier this year.

2007 has seen Swedish company Cederroth International introduce a new meal replacer shake containing Fabuless. Allévo, which is available in Finland, Norway and now Sweden, contains a high dosage of Fabuless and helps consumers to stick to their dieting plan more easily. The Allévo meal replacement shake is high in fibre, vitamin-rich and low GI and it is designed to be consumed as a meal replacer for breakfast or lunch. Two flavors are offered – chocolate and banana with orange.

Fabuless has also been incorporated into a convenient single dose product distributed by Melbrosin. Branded Slimthru® in the UK and Slimcup® in Austria, Germany and Italy, the product is sold in pharmacies. Each 7.5 gram serving contains the recommended daily dosage of Fabuless and can be consumed either on its own or added to coffee, yoghurt or cereals amongst other applications to promote an enhanced feeling of satiety.

Fabuless is an innovative combination of oat and palm oils (both naturally occurring dietary lipids) formulated in a novel emulsion. It is thought to work by preventing the digestion of palm oil droplets until relatively deep in the small intestine. Because undigested fat arriving in the ileum (the latter part of the small intestine) triggers an 'appetite satisfied' signal to the brain, consumers are able to reduce their calorie intake and still feel satisfied.

DSM is active worldwide in nutritional and pharma ingredients, performance materials and industrial chemicals. The company develops, produces and markets innovative products and services that are designed to improve quality of life. DSM products are used in a wide range of applications and end-markets such as human and animal nutrition and health, personal care, pharmaceuticals, the automotive industry, coatings, housing and the electrics and electronics market. A leading world player in many of the markets in which it operates, DSM employs about 22,000 people worldwide. The company's head office is in the Netherlands, with plants and facilities on every continent. The group has annual sales of over EUR 8 billion.

For further information please contact: DSM Food Specialties in the Netherlands.
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