Fenchem to Launch New Carotenoid Products

Due to health concerns over artificial antioxidants, the demand for natural antioxidants is increasing. Carotenoids play an important potential role in human health by acting as biological antioxidants, protecting cells and tissues from the damaging effects of free radicals and singlet oxygen.
Fenchem specializes in natural antioxidant research and development. Following their existing products, Nutra-Red® lycopene and LuMarin™ lutein, Fenchem is now announcing the launch of three new carotenoids; Zeaxanthin, Astaxanthin and Beta-carotene.

Zeaxanthin is one of the two carotenoids naturally contained within the retina of the eye. Both lutein and zeaxanthin reduce the risk of Age Related Macular Degeneration and promote eye health. Fenchem’s zeaxanthin is naturally extracted from marigold.

Astaxanthin is sometimes called “Super Vitamin E” or “Super anti-oxidant”. Fenchem’s astaxanthin is produced from Haematococcus pluvialis microalgae.

Scientific studies suggest that Beta-carotene could have eye health and immunity benefits by creating Vitamin A when the body converts beta-carotene. BetaOne™ Beta-carotene from Fenchem is derived from fermentation of a naturally occurring fungus; Blakeslea Trispora.

Oil, powder and beadlet versions of these products are now available for different applications. These products are certified natural, kosher and halal.

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