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Flavours Inc. Launches NutraBitz Probiotic Chews

Leading formulator in functional food technology chooses probiotic ingredient, GanedenBC30(TM), to power NutraBitz(TM) probiotic chews.

Flavours Inc. (, leaders in various nutraceutical and functional food technologies, today announced the introduction of NutraBitz(TM), a line of all-natural, oat-based soft chews containing both prebiotics and probiotics for private label applications. NutraBitz(TM) will be exhibited at SupplySide West October 22-24, in a variety of delicious all-fruit flavors. The product is available in 30, 60, and 90 count sizes, packaged in stand-up, gusseted, resealable pouches. Flavours Inc. is a full-service flavor house capable of incorporating the latest flavor trends into NutraBitz(TM) soft chews and can also make great-tasting sugar-free versions. NutraBitz(TM) is certified Kosher.

NutraBitz(TM) was inspired by the continuing emergence of medical research demonstrating the benefits of probiotics in a wide variety of health conditions and growing consumer interest and demand for probiotic alternatives to refrigerated yogurts and probiotic capsules and tablets. The refrigerated yogurt category has gotten a tremendous boost from the new probiotic products introduced over the past few years. Consumers are now much more aware of the benefits of probiotics and are looking for other ways of getting them into the daily diet. NutraBitz(TM) is positioned to fill that role.

Each 5.5 gram NutraBitz(TM) soft chew is 15-20 calories and contains 1 billion CFU of the GanedenBC30 strain of Bacillus coagulans probiotics. GanedenBC30 overcomes the shortcomings of other commonly used probiotics in that it easily withstands industrial food manufacturing, extreme temperatures, and product shelf life. Other probiotic strains are highly sensitive to these demands.

NutraBitz(TM) uses a proprietary manufacturing process that delivers a delectable texture more like a granola bar versus a traditional soft chew. The process also allows for complete dispersion of ingredients and prevents off-flavors. NutraBitz(TM) offers the dietary supplement category an exciting, fun way to get probiotics. "Probiotics are one of the hottest market trends today, but right now consumers can't get them in delivery forms that make taking probiotics enjoyable. NutraBitz(TM) changes that," stated Flavours Inc. Director of Sales, Tara Foster.

GanedenBC30 is a spore-forming probiotic bacterium, meaning that inside the bacterial cell is a hardened structure, or spore, which is analogous to a seed. This spore protects the cell's genetic material from the heat and pressure of manufacturing processes, challenges of shelf life as well as the acid and bile it is exposed to during digestive transit. The viable spore is then able to germinate and produce new vegetative cells once it is safely inside the small intestine. Other "traditional" probiotic organisms are not able to form these protective spores, making them vulnerable to heat, pressure, shelf life variables and the acid and bile challenges of the digestive system.

Ganeden Biotech's CEO Andy Lefkowitz commented that, "Consumers want to know that when they are choosing a probiotic food product that there are enough live cells and that those cells are going to provide benefits. GanedenBC30 is superior to other probiotics not only in terms of its survivability before it is consumed but also in that it can survive and thrive where it can do the most good once in the body."

About Flavours Inc.
Flavours Inc. is a flavoring company which develops patented technology for functional foods and beverages and the nutraceuticals markets. Flavours Inc. has three research and development facilities in California which specializes in different applications.

About Ganeden Biotech, Inc.
Established in 2006, Ganeden Labs is the licensing and development division of Ganeden Biotech, the largest seller of over-the-counter probiotic bacteria in the United States. Ganeden Labs makes proprietary, patented probiotic technology available for use in innovative products in a wide range of industries. Ganeden Labs also maintains an extensive intellectual property portfolio with patent and trademark protection for an array of technologies all over the world. GanedenBC30 and its related patents are available for license in functional foods and beverages, supplements, animal health and topical applications.

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